Along with the video posts, podcasts are also popular. Our podcasts have gained a good worldwide following on iTunes. It seems hard to accept that surveys suggest the spoken word is equally as popular as video. Many listeners find podcasts a gateway to relaxation. Others, of course, will listen to podcasts while travelling.

Claire Hegerty

Content of the Interview

Claire’s introduction to the podcast sums up the content brilliantly:

“Lockdown Unlock” it’s been such a not easy time for people in many different ways, and the positives are that it triggered people to make positive life changes that previously being so busy acted as a distraction to them….so focusing on the positives that have come out of these, not easy times.”

You will find Claire a brilliant speaker. She is a scientist and a highly qualified NLP trainer. Her training is second to none, which is why her training schedule is booked months in advance. Use the link to Claire’s website to discover more about the fascinating guest.

Claire’s Website

Enjoy the Podcast:

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Recording a podcast is a simple process. A telephone call is all it takes. The recording lasts no more than 70 minutes and can be made from anywhere (like all media recordings these days). The recordings are not overly edited, and we like to keep the content as authentic as possible.

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