Community members may find this article interesting. I asked Darren if he would write a second article about the psychological aspects of the shows. Darren’s previous article has attained high reading figures (over six hundred reads). The demand for his opinion is evident, and where there is demand, there is an audience. Darren has achieved international recognition in his field of expertise. As a psychologist, he has taken possession of the title ‘The Human Lie Detector’, his ability to observe humans and give an opinion of their personality and thoughts is uncannily accurate. As is his ability to isolate our positive and negative attributes.

Darren single-handedly took himself from police officer to internationally recognised television, radio and newspaper psychologist in less than ten years. This is evidence of his ability to write about ways to succeed and prosper. In this article, he offers suggestions as to why some people succeed, and others only realise mediocrity.

Comment: There are paragraphs I would prefer to remove, Darren forbad the article published if it were edited in any way.

Thoughts on Contribution

Remember I’m a close friend of Ian Timothy; the reader is asked to accept this article is written without bias. Attention is also drawn to one of my long-term research projects which observes the interaction between traders and the public at markets; some of this research is used in this article.

While attending the Lincoln Well Being Show in June, I had sufficient opportunity to observe the stallholders who thrived and those who did not fare so well. First of all, it is my opinion that every stall-holder who took part in the event has great potential to succeed. This statement is not made without careful consideration. 

The Purpose of Attending:

Consider, one of the reasons people become therapists or traders is they see something (or someone’s idea or philosophy) of interest, and then the interest becomes a hobby, and then a career. It is possible many community members have or are following this path. We should conclude: if one man succeeds in a specific area, why shouldn’t another succeed by following the same route? Therefore, if the original seed of the idea is a success, the follower should have the same (or better) potential to succeed. Therefore all community members have the potential to excel in their chosen field.

Ian has a favourite saying ‘we stand on the shoulders of giants.’ He is right, he watches and seeks ways to succeed better than many people. In fact, if anyone were to follow the methods he uses, they would also succeed in any venture. His method is not easy and takes long-term commitment, his method is well established and recognised, it is not one of speculation and risk-taking. As noted in my previous article I do not see any other organisations following his methods. There is no surprise here, learning how to build websites, record high-quality interviews, film and edit videos are no easy tasks. He sees an objective, there is little doubt he will take the gold medal. He stands on the shoulders of giants and sees the landscape of the future. 

The point is this: Every one of the community can take advantage of Ian’s work and stand on his shoulders. In fact, I am doing this as I type these words. This article, will, in some way promote my work and abilities. It does not matter to me if it is a day or a month: I know, this article will promote my work, to someone, somewhere. There is no need for instant reward or recognition, but I repeat: I know someone, somewhere will read the article. Oh! Wait for a second, you are reading it, the system works.

If you have something to say about your work or business and you are connected to LizianEvents News, my suggestion is to use the opportunity. I would suggest that those who actively participate with LizianEvents media streams will find it easier to succeed at the shows. The reason is to do with psychological commitment and having made an investment in the organisation success. Anyone who makes a commitment to the objective is sure to have more chance of success than those who ‘follow’ the goal but make no obligation to the aim. 

This means that whoever contributes to the well-being shows, between shows, will have invested more in the success of the show, and on a deep psychological level will perform better during the event itself. Top athletes prepare for their event, high achieving students prepare for their degree, top businessmen understand how to negotiate, star actors rehearse. All these examples are of setting the seeds of success before the event takes place.

Psychological Disadvantage:

Once we chose to take a course of action to promote our work, we must set a time period for the promotion. One to six months is insufficient: Between one and two years is the minimum. (Ian informs me LizianEvents design is part of a five-year plan). To begin to participate in any project and give up inside a minimum time frame is psychologically asking for failure. In fact to undertake any project and then ‘give-in early’ will infiltrate many aspects of one’s life, capitulation is a seed to the long-term setback.  

No surprises here, anyone, in any promotion, business or personal venture who thinks the reward will be instant is, at best, misguided, at worse foolish. Understanding this aspect of any venture is key to reaching the objective. Long-term dedication is the reason some struggle and others SUCCEED. Remember, once faith and confidence are damaged the ability to give one’s best in other opportunities is stifled. One has to remember the main reasons for failure are lack of determination, faith, confidence and knowledge.

Determination – Are you prepared for the long haul?

Are you prepared to work within a time frame? Once set, one must continue to be dedicated to the goal, only when the time frame is passed can you choose to end the project. As suggested: a minimum of one year is required to attain decent recognition.

Faith – Do you have faith in your chosen path?

Ask yourself this question two times a day:

“Do I have faith in my ability to succeed?” Think about why you began your journey, think about how or why you are rewarded for your efforts. The reward does not have to be money. To have faith in anything, there must be a reason for the faith. Discover the reason for your faith in whatever your chosen path.

Confidence – Do you have confidence in your ability?

Ask yourself two times a day:

“Do I have confidence in my ability?” Think about how you can become more ‘expert’ in your work. And remember, it is important to be able to talk to ‘new’ customers about your service or goods without a second thought:

Can you meet a new customer and say ‘Good morning, how are you today?’ and then have the confidence to ask about them and their needs before you guide them to your work? Do you have the confidence to say: ‘Try this service for free, or here is my business card’ or thank the person for spending the time to talk to you? Having confidence in anything we do is ‘sensed’ by people during dialogue or interaction.

Knowledge – Have you taken the time to understand the concept or objective fully?

During conversations with recognised celebrities, we discover most are amazing people. The persona is seen on t.v or even film often has no bearing on their intelligence and knowledge. They are not fools or idiots, yes, there is ego, but they have in-depth knowledge of their craft. They understand why they are performing and how to impress their audience. And they follow something known as ‘rights of passage’. They can endure years without money or recognition, living in one room and on pennies. As they learn and gain knowledge, they begin to succeed, all have faith, confidence, knowledge.

Ian Timothy understands this: he knows that every choice must be within the rules he and Liz made a commitment to what he calls ‘the design’ of the organisation. It is evident he has the long-term commitment, unwavering faith in the community, absolute confidence to make hard and difficult choices, and the wisdom of learning the process of an events business; wisdom combined with understanding is knowledge. (He cannot edit this comment out of this essay, although he would do so if allowed). The comment is here because it is evidence of ‘action to succeed’. Incidentally, it is of no consequence if the project is a one-man band or the chair of a PLC; the seeds of success are the same: Time scale, determination, faith, confidence, knowledge.

People who have faith and confidence in the shows they exhibit should rest in the knowledge that they will eventually succeed. The suggestion (already offered) is that commitment between the events will result in better performance at the event.


A stallholder cannot buy back the time invested at any event. Therefore it is essential to use every minute to the best advantage. Talk your head off! Smile better than the sun! Love the customers and visitors. Leave an indelible mark on their memory. If you do not ‘connect’ today, it is likely you will tomorrow. Never forget about the potential of ‘reputation’, it is impossible to forget someone who has a passion for their work. Passion, faith and confidence are bound to succeed. Leave a memory, and in time people will come to know you and become part of your future as you become a part of theirs.


It is my feeling that people who contribute to any event ‘between the event’ will have more success than those who ‘turn up and trade’. The psychological implication of this statement is this: By making a commitment to a project or objective for many months before the ‘moment’ of fruition, has a far higher chance of success. The investment in time and actions force the personal unconscious to work harder to succeed. The more investment is given to any project, the higher the chance of success. This is because the more significant the investment, the more there is to lose.

It would be interesting to see if those who take advantage of LizianEvents News or interact with the Lizian Group, FaceBook or Twitter streams are more successful during the events than those who do not use the conduits. Without researching this future, I could not offer a definite answer, although, I would guess, the participants do succeed better at the shows.

It is suggested that those who do not make an investment, are in fact, failing before they begin. This is lottery psychology: the chances of winning the jackpot are ten’s of millions to one, but because the stake is small, the risk is taken. 

Anyone who takes advantage of the promotional streams of LizianEvents will give themselves a psychological advantage. There will be those who will attempt to dismiss this statement: I am not writing to argue with evident fact. Common sense dictates that whenever a determined effort is given to a project or objective, it will bear fruit. The growing of an apple tree takes years before it can be harvested, although, the farmer knows that nature will reward him for his efforts. In the same way, I know, anyone who is dedicated to their future and is always active to this end, will become successful.

Daren Stanton

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