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These thoughts, these musings aren’t based on fact or rules. Merely observations as I wander along life’s pathways. Reader, do not read between the lines. There are no hidden meanings or agendas contained within. And the thoughts are random. Some people will be quoted or credited or included as reference some not. Some’s opinion and input I highly value. And some serve the purpose of being a lesson provider that must be moved past to ensure the evolution of the soul.

I spoke to Philip Underwood:
We talked of my inevitable frustrations. His answer provides food for thought. “Life is a journey that is more about the journey than the destination. During missions, sometimes there is a little movement”. Philip’s opinion guides me to wonder if: for the time being, I should take advantage of treading water?

Consider the life lesson: patience is needed, and anything worth having will take perseverance passion and persistence to succeed.

I spoke to Campbell Wallace:
We talked about his passion for life and why we concern ourselves with triviality: “A surgeon can put a price on your life. After a transplant, the odds of pulling through are quite low. So the surgery must be viable based on the fact the surgeon must feel that you will beat the odds or the operation won’t proceed”.

Life cannot be defined in monetary terms. And the individual should value his life at the highest level. Life itself is always a viable proposition. Another aspect of the conversation with Campbell Wallace seems to be: The ability to change roles to suit current circumstances is essential for your growth and progress.

If what you are doing isn’t working, then change what you are doing, don’t be afraid to bring in other parts of you and your skillset to ensure growth. But risks are part of the equation of life. As is observing and listening to people who can make a positive comment.

For Example:
Sometimes the best course of action is observation, and spectacular insight can often come from being in the background watching. For instance, watch Ian Timothy watching people and situations. I have never known a man watch and record information as much as Ian. His insight is always based on open-minded thinking and looking at ALL aspects of a situation. He is never off the floor at our shows, watching, listening and recording.

Conversation with Sarah Hanley:
“The perception of self doesn’t necessarily match up with those that others have of you. All of us should hold our persona, character, self-understanding as the primary reference point”.

Go out there and be the best you that you can be, love, live life to the full, entertain, laugh and just be the genuine you. People will form ideas and opinions about you. These cannot be changed. And most often not understood no matter how careful the analysis. Another’s an opinion, is just that: an opinion; we cannot influence it, nor is there need to accept or believe it to be correct.

Do not underestimate the power of planting a seed of thought. If an opinion is good, careful nurturing may well be required to see it grow to its full potential. If it is a poor opinion, it can be like a bramble, fast-growing and difficult to remove.

For Example:
Monetary value and wealth are not the same. Financial gain is not always an accurate gauge of success. Many see financial wealth as the ONLY goal. You may look at a financially successful man, and he may not be successful as a human being. Even the most intellectually influential people can be emotionally weak and won’t always see or hear the contradictory nature of their actions.

You cannot reach everybody or anybody that doesn’t want to change. It is acceptable to cut your losses, look where you invest your energy and review each situation and the return from it accordingly. When the unstoppable force and the immovable object collide, there will be consequences.

Quoting Kenny Rogers “Know when to hold ’em Know when to fold ’em Know when to walk away know when to run”.

Heed warnings and trust your intuition:
Your soul is a cheerleader: and one that is consistently rooting for you. It never lies and will never lead you down the wrong path. Don’t be afraid to open and close many doors; the right one will always open for you.

Be consistent in your approach to any objective. And remain steadfast in your goals and aspirations. Be mindful of the times where a more flexible mindset might be needed to yield better results.

You never know how far you reach or who is watching, ref a conversation with a lady who had seen me on a Facebook live in Canada. (Lovely feedback).

Let compliments and negative comments occupy the same amount of time in your headspace, acknowledge them both with grace and humility and move on. Anything else is just the concern of the ego who like fire can be a good servant and a bad master.

Currently, I’m reading about the history of traditional Reiki practice. And I’ve learned a powerful lesson in that we do not need an epiphany to access universal healing energy.  All we need is thought, reflection, observation, conversation, learning, research and assessment. All healing (Mental: Physical: Spiritual) is this way, knowledge, practice and patient reflection.

Live your desired life.  Be the authentic you. Shine bright and remember time cannot be bought or sold.

Bright blessings: 

Rick Paul spiritual counsellor, psychic medium, healer.

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