This week’s Sunday Thoughts will not be too extensive. Frankly, the week has been busy but uneventful. Bookings for The Lincolnshire Well Being Market are 75 confirmed, 28 booking forms awaiting return and of course, we will have late bookings right up to the Friday before the show! This is never an issue as there is plenty of space at the Epic Centre. I will be publishing the talk schedule later next week, and we can look forward to a great program.

The Pure Spirit Show is also looking really exceptional. We are capping the stands at 65 attendees, and there at the moment, we have 40 bookings. So the event will easily attain full bookings. Interest from Visitors is exceptional.

We can now confirm two Newcastle upon Tyne Well Being Events for 2022. Dates and venues will be published after the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. I am delighted that Paul Willcock and his partner Debbie will be the ambassadors for this event. It makes perfect sense for our friends to promote in the area. From previous experience, we know the event will really take off, and we are prepared to subsidise the shows to get them off the ground.

Everyone who knows Paul and Debbie sees their enthusiasm in everything they do. All who are considering being part of this new event should have little doubt that the North East Well Being Show promotion is in safe hands. They will, of course, be provided with thousands of flyers and hundreds of posters to distribute. So, exciting times ahead. 2022 will consist of eight Well Being Shows and three Pure Spirit Shows. 

We are connecting to more people daily through our media streams. LizianEvents Facebook Group now has over 1500 members. It is growing weekly: this week has seen another 20 members join the Group, and if time is taken to go through the posts, you’ll soon see how active it is becoming. 

My LizianShop Facebook lives are going ground too! The organic reach per show is averaging 720 views after three weeks. I strongly recommend anyone who wishes to promote their work to use this conduit of information. If you are already a member, please invite friends to join the Group: this benefits Community Members and their success. And if you have an interest in crystals and alternative healing, contact me to become a guest.

In Conclusion:

We are content with the progress of the Well Being Brand. We feel that the interest in the organisation is growing every week. Growth in the Group is clear evidence of how the awareness is reaching further afield. With constant promotion and dedication to the objectives. It will not be long before we have returned to full speed ahead. There really is much to look forward to. Even though we had an extended setback in 2020, progress is now being seen.

See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD – LizianEvents Ltd

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