6 + 7 November 2021
The Lincolnshire Well Being Show
The Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

Up to 100 Attending Community Members
40+ Talks and Presentations
8 Live Streamed Talks
Live Stage and Presentations

You knew it would be great so here it is! Philip’s Schedule for the Lincolnshire Well Being Show: Join in for the most fantastic Yoga Weekend!

Philip Burgess

Yoga Schedule

Saturday 6 November 2021

11.00am – Gentle Vinyasa Flow ‘Saluting the Sun’

Exploring Sun Salutations to energise you for the day ahead.  We will be using our breath and movement to guide us through an energising sequence.  Additional poses will be added to the sequence to develop the flow.  Poses will be adapted to meet individual’s needs.  

12.00am – Yin Yoga ‘Focusing on Our Lower Backs’

If you’re wanting a healing practice for your lower back to release tension, this class is for you. Philip will guide you through various Yin Yoga postures to release tension. We will be holding poses for up to 5 minutes to allow the connective tissue in the lower back to release.

2.00pm – Gentle Vinyasa Flow ‘Techniques to Developing Your Practice’

This mini workshop looking at improving your posture in various poses.  Philip will lead you through a sequence of poses to observe how you react to yoga poses as an individual and explore ways to improve your alignment.

3.00pm – Yin Yoga ‘Gentle Afternoon Detox’ 

We will be using gentle twists help to lease tension.   Slow purposeful movements and holds will help calm you down after a busy day on your feet.

Sunday 7 November 2021

11.00am – Gentle Vinyasa Flow ‘Cultivating the Breath’

Explore techniques to improve your breathing and using the breath and movement as a mediative practice.  Philip will work with you to explore ways of increasing your lung capacity and using these techniques learnt in a short yoga practice.

12.00am – Yin Yoga ‘Hip Openers’

If you have limited flexibility in the hips or would like to develop your hip flexibility further, this is a workshop for you.  Philip will guide you through a number of poses to help release tension and increase flexibility. 

2.00pm – Gentle Vinyasa Flow ‘Finding Space and Moving Deeper’

This is a mini workshop looking how to move deeper into postures.  Philip will guide you through consciously relaxing and exploring the edge of your flexibility.  He will use small postural changes, relaxation techniques and changing the emphasis in the posture to move deeper into postures.  The poses chosen will reflect the needs of the attendees.

3.00pm – Yin Yoga ‘Relax and Restore’

Philip will guide you through a relaxing and restorative sequence to finish your day off at the Wellbeing Show on a high.  This slow and gentle practice will help release tension and ground you with the aim of leaving you calm and settled.


Gentle Vinyasa Flow – Gentle Vinyasa Flow is a gentle dynamic practice where movement from one pose to another is synchronised with the breath. Suitable for all levels.

Yin Yoga – Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures, that are held for longer periods of time—for beginners, it may range from 45 seconds to two minutes; more advanced practitioners may stay in one posture for five minutes or more.

Yin yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.

Workshop duration – workshops will last between 45 minutes and 50 minutes.

Philip Burgess Bio
Philip has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching since 2014.  He focuses on nurturing his clients, whether it is to develop their yoga practice or to improve a condition they are suffering using yoga.  He focuses on adapting yoga to meet individual’s needs

He is a graduate of the John Scott and Lucy Crawford 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training programme graduating in November 2014. Since then Philip has undergone further training with Norman Blair and Sarah Powers in Yin Yoga and with Beverley Nolan in Restorative Yoga.  He has also undergone training with Yotism and Nicol Zimbler for teaching yoga to people with learning disabilities to support his son who is autistic.

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