When you feel strong the rest of your life will fall into place

Every now when my mind is racing, and I can’t seem to settle I set aside a little time to listen to myself. I feel it is important to hold space for thoughts and feelings, to digest or release them and to filter out the noise going on inside your head.   

By that I mean I take time to check in on how my body feels, what my mood is like, to connect with my thinking and feeling. The reason for this is that our thinking and feeling brings about action which creates our outcomes.   

I have a list of questions I ask myself. The kind of questions I ask depends on where I think I am heading or would like to be. I thought I would share some of these questions with you, for you to hold space for yourself, to hear your inner responses. I would love you to share some of your comments or write in with what you have learned about yourself. It is best if you don’t intellectualise your thoughts but simply write your first response. You will be surprised where you find you go. It is just a bit of fun, and no one needs to know all your thoughts but asking yourself questions can bring about great ideas. 

Q1          In your day do you listen to respond, or do you listen to understand? If I am with family or a friend that needs an ear regarding a situation, I try to listen to understand. When I am at a show, I often find myself listening to respond just as soon as I feel it right to share in the conversation. I am aware time is limited and there are so many people who see and, in my enthusiasm, I am guilty of rattling like a bag of spanners at times. In retrospect, I often think I should adopt the “listen to understand more” and it is by evaluating my thoughts that I feel I grow in awareness. 

Q2          When was the last moment in your life did you feel the most alive? This question helps you to prioritise and connect with the real you. Be honest with yourself. I took away the most obvious of family etc and was surprised to realise I had not felt truly alive for a while. I recognised I had spent most of this year doing, which was very hypocritical of me. When I talk to others, I remind them that they are human beings and not human doings and to spend more time “being just human”. Note to self – it is not how much you do but how you are that matters and to make a conscious effort to do less and “be” more. 

Q3          If you had to completely re-write your personality which three qualities would you keep? This question is really asking you what you value more. I always struggle with this one and usually spend more time writing down the easier option of finding the ones I would dump.  

Q4          What would surprise people about you? This question is about your internal and external landscape. This opens the inside and outside worlds of you. An actor may appear grounded and in control on stage but shy or depressive off stage.  By doing these exercises we learn about other people’s and our own perceptions. 

Q5          What would your friends say about you? In truth, we have no idea what they really say but act out as if we can read them. Our perception may be the projection of our own thoughts. 

Q6          Who is inspirational for you to be around and why? We chug along in life around the same people most of the time. If these people don’t fill your soul, you may want to think about sourcing new people and opportunities that inspire you. 

Q7          What has always come easy to you? For me, it would be creativity. 

Q8          If you found out today that you were dying what would you be disappointed in, that you never did. Write your immediate response such as family, speaking your truth, not finding true love. This question is powerful and all about tuning you into the real you, so you can re-connect with your values. 

Q9          If anything was possible what would you like your life to look like in two years’ time? This can range from security, health to travelling, to have freedom and be more confident, just write the first things that come to mind.  

Q10        What would be so inspiring to you that you would have almost limitless energy to do? For Rick Paul, this would be mediumship. 

Q11        If someone who didn’t know you were able to look at your life what would they think you cared about most and what would they be surprised that you cared about? When you realise, they can’t read your mind you may want to think about others’ opinions less. 

Q12        If you could change one thing about life on earth what would it be. It could be destroying the planet racism, compassion, corruption, and justice. The more you think the more you realise there is a positive and negative.  

When you have digested your answers, you may look at them and appreciate It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, take the time to sit with the questions and allow the insights to come from your inner-being. 

The only person you need to be honest with is yourself first. When you feel strong the rest of your life will fall into place.  

by Jane Osborne

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