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“I attended the Wellness event today, I was very impressed with the stalls and stallholders, all very pleasant and knowledgeable. My friend and I stopped to chat with most of them, it took us 3hrs to get around, we attended a meditation and chat live with ‘Fenix Flames’ so looking forward to the next one and catching up on other talks on here. Thank you for a wonderful day 💗”

Angela Barker
It sure did

Barrie John Medium
Totally brilliant!

Gill Moore
It was brilliant, I was so busy I didn’t get to see n say hi to everyone. So many people coming back for healing and to buy things. So humbled. Friends I haven’t seen for a very long time and new people coming and asking questions about what I do.

Roz Johnson
It was a great weekend thank you, everyone 

Buckso DW
It sure did!!!… It was stupendous!!!

Simon Goodfellow
Fantastic weekend many Thanks xx

Chandu Solanki
Awesome x

Kirstie Lilith
Fantastic weekend thank you so much xx

Brigitte Rix
I had a great time meeting new audiences at my talks and helping new customers, at my own channelled books stand. They all told me they loved the Liz Lizian Show

Iza A Moon
Twas epic (!) Thanku! Xxx

Don Harradine
Just perfect

Sharon Fletcher
We just love being part of the shows, thank you for the work you do Liz and Ian.
We look forward to next year with news of new shows and places to visit!

Amanda Cameron
Brilliant event, loved the venue and most of all loved the workshops. They were varied, interesting and so many to choose from. Thank you

Darren Stanton
Fantastic achievement

Shirley McEvoy
Absolutely a fabulous weekend

Mel Foot
Well done xx

Such a wonderful day at the Lincoln show yesterday. You would think after all these many years attending as a visitor that I’d lose interest, no chance of that! Always warm, uplifting energy and vibe from the moment you walk through the doors. Never a dull moment, many of the beautiful stallholders now have become friends; I always learn something new, exciting and inspiring. The only problem is I break the bank every time I go! My husband always says surely there’s nothing more you need… to be fair with my collection of items I’ve purchased over the years I could hold a stall of my own, however then I would miss out on all the wonderful treasures I’ve yet to see and enjoy. Here are just a few of the beautiful goodies I purchased from Hands R4 Healing always a joy to see the gorgeous Paul Willcock and birthday girl Deborah their love and energy is like no other! Along with the insightful and inspirational talks from the beautiful one and only Iza A Moon who has the voice of an angel and her music and powerful words of wisdom are food for the soul and truly touch your heart and soul. The wise and wonderful Jane Osborne, Urban Monk, Liz Lizian, Ian Timothy, Kirsty, David and Sharon Fletcher, Alan Wood, Angela Barker and Claude, Stuart Kerry …. to name but a few of beautiful souls who are always willing to share their knowledge, love and energy and passion for the wonderful work they do. I also met several new and exciting stallholders, who were all willing to share their stories and wares. I hoped to return to their stalls and chat further, but before I knew it it was home time. … luck for them as those who know me know I can rattle on! …and luck for hubby as I’m like a kid in a candy store when I attend these shows! To the fabulous and amazing Ian and Liz thank you for making these shows possible they are truly out of this world, and bring so much love and light to all who attend and let’s face it we all need it especially in these times. I feel refreshed, inspired and uplifted from all my treatments, and the love I received from each and every one of you yesterday, thank you. Love and blessings to you all. See you all next time. Mandy Pask

After a very busy Lincolnshire Well Being Show we are still buzzing. Would like to say a big Thank you to our customers and the community for an amazing weekend LizianEvents. Angela Barker

Rick Paul
Best show I have had in the 5 years I have been on the circuit. Blown away, well done to everybody that made it happen.

And this is why you should consider being part of The Well Being Brand: Every testimonial is unabridged and without editing. Whether Community Member or Visitor there is every reason to look to the future and make the shows even better and more appealing. Great times ahead.

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