Well, last weekend’s Well Being Show hit the high. Many kind words and thanks have come in this week in praise of the Community’s efforts. I can only echo the thanks to all who made the event work so well. Thank You.

The year’s last event is The Pure Spirit Show at Newark Show Ground’s Lady Eastwood Centre. 27 + 28 November. Interest is again amazing for this event, and being the last show of the year, expect high visitor numbers.

Ian is releasing fully updated posts next week. We will also release the names of the nominated Mediums for the Derek Acorah Memorial Award. This will be an absolute first for anyone who loves mediumship. And the Mediums who will test their gifts will be coming from every corner of the country.

This is the first event that will have so much paranormal investigator presence. We have organisers from every avenue of the fascinating subject. And there will be extensive talks and presentations focusing on the subject. Visitors can book for events during 2022 and meet the teams who organise fantastic paranormal events countrywide.

Writing about mediums! Visitors can expect to meet and work with some of the country’s top experts in this field. If you desire a reading – Tarot – Mediumistic – Psychic – Runes – Colour or anything else in this genre, this weekend will work for you.

No Pure Spirit Show could be complete without traditional spiritual healers feeling the vibes and enjoying the experience. Along with the spiritual healers, you’ll meet and work with the top alternative and complementary therapists. Walk-in and chill out!

So, we have paranormal, readers, therapists, and, of course, the best esoteric retailers. If its crystals, incense, candles, fair trade, hocus-pocus, the choice is there for everyone. And what have I missed out on? Well, the atmosphere, Visitors are guaranteed to enjoy every moment of the Pure Spirit Show. Gentle music, presentations and esoteric conversations. It’s all going to be at the Lady East Wood Centre – 27 + 28 November – Newark Show Ground.

See You There

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

Pure Spirit Show
27 + 28 November 
Lady Eastwood Centre
Newark Show Ground

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