Question – What does success look like?

Sixteen years ago we visited Sherwood Forest.
I collected some acorns and stuck them in a pot.
The result? we now have a twenty-foot plus tree in the garden.
Every time I look at it I smile,
As it brings back lovely memories…

We are hoping for acorns but a tree needs to be 15/25 years old so we may have to wait a while.
Where I am going with this?
Each step of the way is a success, germination, growing leaves, the first winter, planting in the garden, another winter, surviving being nibbled by deer!

And then each year sending out new growth, reaching for the sky,
This tree will outlive us hopefully by hundreds of years.
Success can be measured in small steps and then suddenly, one day you will be standing twenty feet tall.

So, how is your success plan looking?

Heather Wood

The Oak

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