We revisit an article written by Campbell: We feel it has much relevance in today’s uncertain world: Thank you for your inspiration and words, Mr Wallace!

We have different tastes, ideas, beliefs and life experiences. Travel, music, food, friends, sports, learning, charity, spiritual thoughts, many options, choices and moments. Try everything available, enjoy each moment, laugh at adversity. Celebrate each day and try not to deny yourself too much. Overindulgence is therapeutic on occasions. Balance the excess with some beneficial exercise. My preference is sharing time with Carol, family, friends, travel and not forgetting our business. Ask me about life. My answer is live it, love it, enjoy it.

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Sometimes, I look at my world through rose-tinted glasses. Why not? When we search to see the great opportunities the world has to offer, we see them, we do. In the same way, those who decide to see the negative, the difficult, the hard way will discover darkness. Make your choice and watch life change. I know, you’re thinking, “I wish it were that easy, Campbell.” I reply: You can wager life can be as easy or complex as you make it. We decide to look for the best options when we find them. In the years since my transplant, I have come to know this is true. Sometimes I wonder if I should thank my illness for my lessons.

Lessons can be taken from the situations we find ourselves within. Even with challenging experiences and issues, it is easy to become weighed down with one problem and miss the aspects that see us through the situation. We must seek happiness and success in our lives. For example, family and friends supported me through the darkest moments when I became ill. On reflection, I would have allowed them to help me more than I did. Most of us believe being independent is a sign of strength. It is worth considering how much stronger we can be by accepting the support of those who care.

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Lessons Are Learned Every Day

Deciding to search for the best answers to certain hurdles. Often means accepting progress can be slow. Impatience results in people looking for the easy ways out of an issue. We can choose to demonstrate how to be strong during adversity. And the determination to assess without bias is a powerful asset. Those burdened with speculation and misinformation cannot see the whole picture. I am thinking about this because of the event in London this morning. Again we are reminded the world is unpredictable, and terrible disasters occur.

I watched the horror of The Grenfell Tower. And like all of us, my feeling of sadness and sorrow for those involved is beyond words. My journey pales into insignificance when we consider the fire in London. The days to come will be impossible to anticipate. I offer my prayers to those involved in the tragedy. There is no need for speculation bar two further comments. The first suggestion is, don’t look for blame. Enter a place of kindness and fortitude, express a desire that lessons will be learned and fast and positive changes are made. The second is a reminder: Situations like this send the message ‘We must live every day.’

Live Life Well – Never Waste A Moment


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