Newark Well Being Show ~ 12 & 13 February 2022 ~ Talks and Presentations

Saturday 12 February

Room 1

11:00 Paul Stevenson – Pulse Proactive
Attendees will enjoy a brilliant presentation during which Paul will share methods of finding happiness, wellbeing and ways to enjoy life.

12:00 Debbie Ison – Tranquil Awakenings
Why it is important to take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing
The mind and body are incredibly complex, working together as part of an integrated system. During Debbie’s career she has successfully worked with many people who have failed to find solutions through the medical model. In this talk she will discuss why it is important to deal with mental, emotional, and physical issues in a holistic manner to allow healing to take place at a deeper level.13:00 Steven Blake – Old Pain 2Go
Transform Your Life on Automatic
We all know what the “right things to do” are. The fact that we don’t then do them shows that our conscious efforts are somewhat lacking. We need to deal with the new ways of living our life at the level the old learning’s live at. Steven will explain how to remove our old mental programs and replace them with the new desired ones.

14:00 Dylan Thomas – Contemporary Zen & Mindfulness
Returning home to yourself through mindfulness
Teaching people the power of mindfulness, and that in every moment is the opportunity to come home to the feeling of peace within.  A sharing of meditation techniques and practice done together as a group in the true style of sangha. People will leave feeling more connected with themselves, More at home in one’s body and more at peace in the present moment.

15:00 Iza Moon
Creative Flow.
Creativity, in all its dynamic and expressive forms, can be a catalyst for deep healing and self-realisation. Being creative inspires a peaceful Mind, a passionate Spirit and an open heart. Iza will be talking about the intuitive creation process behind her Music, Spoken Word and Visualisations.

16:00 Angela Barker – Fenix Flames

Building a Spell  

Room 2
11:00 Jane Osborne – Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing – what is it?   We all know the answers to our questions. It is a matter of accessing the information through quantum healing, Jane’s talk explains the process using anecdotes of her experiences.

12:00 Gary Cresswell – The Life Improvement Coach
The Wheel of Life
In this presentation, Gary guides the audience to create their own wheel of life and see how balanced they feel their life is currently.  Gary shares easy to use tips and tools to improve on the scores, thus making improvements in their own ‘wheel of life’

13:00 Alan Wood – Native American Traditions
Alan talks about the Native American Tribes, their ways, traditions and sacred practices.

14:00 Buckso Dhillon – Spiritual Practitioner, healer and Actor
The Importance of being able to speak your truth
Buckso is a well respected Actor, Inspirational Speaker and Motivator – her dynamic delivery and vast experience ensures no two talks are the same and the audience will be captivated throughout.

15:00 Philip Underwood – Anahata Centre Lincoln
Accessing the Higher States of Consciousness
: In the 1980’s Philip spent thousands of hours meditating and accessing higher states of consciousness whilst on a five-year retreat from our commercial world. Since then he’s been teaching others how to access them and what to expect when they do. Warning – accessing higher states of consciousness can seriously improve your life!

16:00 Barrie John Medium
Talk and Demonstration: one of the UK’s well known and respected Mediums, Barrie John talks about his experiences, and conducts a very personal and powerful mediumistic demonstration.

Room 3 Yoga Studio Philip Burgess – The Body and Mind Place

Stage – Main Hall

Alan Wood – Demonstrates a traditional Native American Smudging Ceremony

Octavian Vasilescu ‘Tavi – The Hempman
CBD as a natural, non psychoactive food supplement – how it works and it’s potential benefits

Iza Moon

Claudine West – Earth Tree Healing Music

Dance of Life – Tai Chi

Newark Well Being Show ~ 12 & 13 February 2022 ~ Talks and Presentations

Sunday 13 February

Room 1

11:00 Philip Underwood – Anahata Centre Lincoln
Dumping Emotional Baggage
If you want to be totally happy, free from worry, fear, anxiety and unwanted habits then this talk is essential for you. Philip’s been helping people clear what he calls Emotional Baggage for the last 35 years. He’s a true Master in the art of Emotional Transformation and has lectured all over Europe on the subject. Many people have unwanted feelings, habits and memories they’d like to be free from and as Philip says; “our memories, thoughts and feelings are not what we are, they are only what we experience and can, when you know how, be changed”. So, if you’ve got any baggage you want to be free from make sure you get a seat for this talk and you may well leave without them!

12:00 Kirstie Star Child – Animal Communication
All Creatures Great and Small
– My animal communication story
The unique story of how Kirstie’s communication with animals has unfolded.

13:00 Claire Guichard – Author ‘The Winds of Change’ & Reader
The Power of Dreams
Join me as I talk about what dreams have meant to me, but also how they are important for you.  The Winds of Change are here. 

14:00 Debbie Ison – Tranquil Awakenings
Soul mates and soul groups

Have you ever wondered why you were born into your specific family? Or why certain situations and interactions have happened within your life? Have you ever crossed paths with another person and felt an instant connection, or dislike and you just can’t quite put your finger on why?
During this talk Debbie will discuss the idea of soul mates and soul groups; looking at the reasons why we connect with other people, the contracts we have made with them on a spiritual level, and why they are important for our growth..

15:00 Gary Whitt – The Urban Monk
Gary, ‘The Urban Monk’, talks about his transformational journey along the American West Coast.

Room 2

11:00 Heather Wood
Guide, Medium & Therapist
Finding or Reconnecting with your Life Path and Soul Purpose
– Firstly by considering where we are now and how we can navigate the challenges that everyday life throws at us to determine our purpose
– Discover how by accessing the support of our guides and the universe we can learn more about why we are here
– Consider why this is so important /such a worthwhile exercise before identifying some practical ways in which we can make this happen.

12:00 Lucianne Powell
Founder, yoga teacher & workshop facilitator @ The Inner Movement
Befriending the body: Finding presence after trauma
This workshop will be diving into how the nervous system responds to trauma, chronic stress and social isolation and how we can begin to feel more safe in our bodies, bringing more free flowing energy rather than staying trapped in our story of pain by first exploring how the energy of our painful past remains present in our nervous system and continues to affect our day to day life. We will talk about how to truly be kind and listen to our bodies, bringing it’s wisdom into our healing journey and all of the superpowers lying dormant in our nervous and muscle systems that we can use to navigate us to a place of safety, self-empowerment and create real, lasting change in our lives and the lives of those around us.

13:00 Octavian Vasilescu ‘Tavi – The Hempman’
CBD as a natural, non psychoactive food supplement – how it works and it’s potential benefits

14:00 Stephanie J King – Author of ‘And So It Begins’
You are guaranteed a very special talk from one of the UK’s finest spiritual writers. Her books have found national and international acclaim. In this talk Stephanie will talk about her work, channelled writing and how one can fine inner peace from mediation and love.

15:00 Rick Paul Medium & Spiritual Counsellor
Rick speaks about his journey through life and how he blends his everyday life with his spiritual work.

Room 3 Yoga Studio Philip Burgess – The Body and Mind Place

Stage – Main Hall

Purple Church Spiritual Healing – John Richardson leads a gentle healing meditation

The Inner Movement – Lucianne Powell & Dylan Thomas

Iza Moon

Claudine West – Earth Tree Healing Music

Dance of Life – Tai Chi

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