In one weeks time, we’ll be well into the first event of the year: The Newark Well Being Show and there is all probability the show will be a huge success. 70+ stands – 24 talks and a Yoga Studio all add up to a very good show.

While writing about events, I cannot believe how much interest there is in the Newcastle Well Being Show. The Visitor interest is fantastic, I have no doubt that this will be a well-attended event and all involved will realise they are taking part in another ground-breaking Well Being Event. I am certain Paul and Debs will confirm exceptional interest in this prestigious new show.

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I love recording the LSFLs.And this weeks show enjoyed a great an dintewractive audience. I have aske Ian if he could put a recording of the show onto my Sunday Thoughts page.

If you would like to join the show as a guest use the contact email button at the end of this article.

Every day I will talk to people about the Well Being Brand. And my consistant comment is: this year is the one whihc will be make of break for many people. I have learned and know for certain the public expects the highest of standards. I know for sure that people will be watching their spending more than every before and they will be part of businessess who demonstrate commitment to setting the highest standards. Not only this, people are choosing to work with businesses who offer security. Indeed, this is one aspect or the ‘Amazon World’ we live in: money back gaurentees and customer service are now expected. It is no use hiding behind bias contracts, there has to be fairness and integrity in every aspect of the customer – business relationship. We have to reflect with care on prevoius acts and actions, and this is why I’m proud of the way we helped every one of The Community over the last two years.

Many thanks for reading my Sunday Thoughts. I’m looking forward to meeting every one of you next weekend. I feel we are all set to impress our Visitors. I feel we will have a bright beginning to what is looking to be a superb year for The Community.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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