Newcastle Well Being Show
2 + 3 April
Newcastle Racecourse
High Gosforth Park
Newcastle upon Tyne

We are looking forward to our new Well Being Show being held at the Newcastle Race Course. The city has not enjoyed a Well Being Event for nearly a decade. And we feel it is time to bring the Well Being Brand to Newcastle.

When visiting the city, we discover there is great enthusiasm for the show. With many people saying ‘Cannot wait!’ And they will be in for an amazing Well Being weekend. And with many of The Well Being Community committed to the brand, they have chosen to travel north this year.

Visitors can expect a weekend of Well Being fun. Therapists, Counsellors, Retail and information stands will be ‘par for the course!’ No doubt we are going to make many new friends and meet many new Community Members at the event. And it already seems we will be here for years to come.

The Venue

Newcastle Racecourse is the perfect venue. Unlimited parking, modern, the newly refurbished and spacious event area come together to make the Well Being Expierece attractive to Visitors and Community alike.

Newcastle Racecourse Venue: LizianEvents

What to expect?

The Well Being brand is acknowledged as the most consistent of Visitor experiences. We have gained an immense and faithful following who come to the Stafford – Newark and Lincoln Well Being Shows. Visitors come to enjoy every aspect of well-being happiness. From a Tarot reading to a sublime holistic therapy, people come to the venue seeking peace and respite and leave feeling uplifted and rejuvenated! For many people, one day is not enough. Time and again Visitors arrive on Saturday expecting a one day show and return on Sunday to live it all again.

Not only will you meet over many great Well Being practitioners, but you also interact with many retailers, readers, musicians, writers and therapists. The event is an exceptional way of finding peace and respite from the daily toils and thankless ways of life. Nothing can be more inspiring than being with like-minded people. Alternative health practitioners who include, massage, Reiki, reflexology, essential oils, lymphatic drainage, sound baths, and music therapy are here to melt the tensions away.

Listening to the varied mix of talks and presentations will open your mind to different wellbeing perspectives. Learning about Past Life Regression, mediumship, Yoga and Meditation are just a few of the weekend’s talks schedules. Many people travel to a Well Being show to enjoy the aspect.

Visitors can enjoy refreshments from the venues catering team. A simple but excellent menu will be published nearer the event. And remember, you can bring your own food to eat in the dining area.

Stage presentations: A small stage area will entertain you during the event. Music from local and regular Community Members will leave great memories of your visit.

A wall of happy Community Members:

Paul Willcock and Debs

We are honoured to have Paul and Debs looking after the promotion of the Newcastle Well Being Shows. We have built up a fantastic relationship with this loveable couple. Paul and Debs have the knowledge of the area and have many friends and clients who are part of the Well Being genre.

Paul and Debbie: LizianEvents Ltd:

So, an exciting year ahead for Newcastle. All who are reviewing the Well Being Show know there is immense potential for these events. We look forward to the first of many new events in the North East. If you are a wellbeing practitioner, therapist, reader, holistic retailer, alternative healer, writer, artist, performer and would like to take part in this event use the email contact button below. You are sure to prosper and benefit from being part of the prestigious Well Being Community.

Looking forward to welcoming you to this amazing Well Being Event.

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