Nothing more to be said about the Newark Well Being Show. Everyone concerned knows how well-loved and enjoyed were the two days. I can comment that a few thought we would struggle with attendance! I have no such reservations. I know how many pre-bookings there are for all events this year.

Newcastle is looking fantastic. If we continue with pre-bookings at the present rate, the show could turn out to be a 1000+ Visitor number first time out of the stands! I know many members of the Community are eager for a new event. And one which ticks all of the boxes: New region. Very high population surrounding the venue. Increased interest in wellness and wellbeing. Media interest. Seven day a week regional promotion. High local exhibitor interest. Fantastic support from our friends in the north. And of course, Paul and Debs massive personal following of clients and customers is the difference that makes the difference!

I remember driving back from Newcastle in 2012 after our first visit to the Gosforth Park venue. Ian and I have enjoyed our busiest BSSK show. Subsequent shows proved to be the most lucrative of any event we attended with Angie’s organisation. Many of us remember the events with great fondness. Of course, readers would like to know why the North East events closed. A simple answer, a choice was made to change the venue. And the change proved to be a disaster, not for want of local people needing the show. The new venue was not correctly researched. Many local people did not like the new forum! It had limitations. One drawback was the car park became a Sunday car boot sale arena.

I’ll take this opportunity to talk about consistency. Visitors do not like change. They like to get to know a venue and the show. And once settled in with the event, they want to visit near the same date each year. Consistency is essential for long term success. We discovered this when taking over from Annie. People associate events with venue and dates. They like to say, ‘I’m going to the June gift fair at the NEC.,’ or ‘I’m travelling up to the Edinburgh Tattoo in August.’ If the dates are changed, visitors and exhibitors are lost.

Stafford is already near to becoming full! And there are plenty of advanced tickets being booked. No doubting the event will attract more visitors than the first event. After all, we were just leaving lockdown, and many people were reticent to mingle in closed public affairs. Last weekend’s (12 + 13 February 22) Well Being Show at Newark proved people are eager to travel to shows. Last weekend, the Community worked with people from London, Newcastle, Oxford, London, and Bristol! The message is spreading. The Well Being brand is worth travelling great distances to enjoy.

Pure Spirit is well on its way to becoming the best show of its genre. With new additional aspects to be announced, the show will offer a different way of enjoying this show style. Watch out for announcements and web page updates next week.

Words of immense gratitude go out to everyone who attended Newark Well Being Show last weekend. And undoubted success: with over 900 Visitors and many planning for a one day, returned on Sunday. Be confident, if we counted two-day attendance, the figure would exceed 1000 Visitors. 

Finally, thanks to every one of you who have expressed sorrow for Jon’s passing. We have had hundreds of emails and private messages about personal memories of time spent with this unique man. Nothing more needs to be said about Jon. He’ll always be loved and have a place in everyone’s hearts.

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