Here is a brilliant charity. One which is totally transparent and benefits your national heritage. Your great-great-grandchildren will thank you for your contributions and so will the planet. We waste money every week! A few treats to make us feel better in the short term is fine, but a four pounds a month subscription to the National Trust will make you feel great every day.

Spend a few minutes listening to Alex from The Woodland trust to realise why this British Charity is such a worthy cause. Why not join up and join in? You can become a volunteer and spend a few weekends tidying up our woodland and forest heritage. Not only this you’ll become fitter than a visit to the gym. And while working with the Woodland Trust maybe you’ll meet a few like-minded friends.

Listen to the interview:

We support every ecological charity. If you are part of a charity and would like to exhibit at a Well Being Show use the email button below. As you can see we promote your work between shows and events. Table costs not only cover the weekend!

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