With another crisis looming, should we be looking at our futures? My feeling is an unreserved YES! Not only our futures but everything that impacts life should (to my mind) be considered normal. All situations come to an end and life evolves into a slightly adjusted normal. So many people were convinced the world would change beyond recognition after the pandemic. I look around, see my friends, family, and customers, and see little difference.

One certainty is I recognise the great optimism in Community Members, old and new. Bookings are firm and coming in every day. Customer support for LizianShop is more significant than ever: interest in The Well Being Shows is as strong as I can remember. Every day brings new leads. But more significant is the increase in interest in the format of the shows: people are contributing through suggestions and bringing new ideas to the arena. The name of our future is progress and evolution. We cannot influence the impact of world news: we can demonstrate the benefit of being strong and holding on to the right values.

Helen Clark sent us a real wake-up call email. And we have worked on following up with her insights. We now have increased the awareness of both iTunes and Vimeo platforms. And the increase of numbers to the sites is astounding. This, in turn, has helped social media stream figures climb through the roof!

Let’s look at the differing walls:

It all begins with a trio of input: Presentation recording at shows – Podcast Recordings and LizianEvents Facebook Lives: Below is an example of a LizianShop Live:

As you now realise: Facebook lives not only promoted the guest’s work and help people to become aware of their part in The Community. The audience gains a real feel for the shows and events. This video was recorded on 24.02.22 and three days later has attained over 300 views. Of course, the numbers continue to grow. As the videos are watched, the audience gains access to the guest’s website data. The lives are a win-win production.

Vimeo Wall:

happy diverse friends laughing with smartphone at home

Click On The Picture and See What Happens!!

The video wall is an amazing experience and is becoming one of our greatest assets. And with SEO integration coming on stream in the next few days (activated and awaiting listing) the numbers watching the video wall will climb through the roof! Few could argue how important this new asset can be to The Well Being Brand and The Community.

iTunes Wall

man in black suit jacket holding microphone

Click The image and go to LizianEvents iTunes Platform

Our podcasts also attain substantial listening figures. This week’s podcasts have been listened to over 400 times! The audio recordings have a worldwide reach. Remember, long-term awareness is key to success and the numbers are certainly climbing. There is a breakthrough threshold and once passed, nothing can stop the reach of the podcasts.

How do the media streams combine?

LizianEvents Facebook Group
LizianEvents Facebook PAGE

Above is the statistic from the last week. They may not seem to be great figures, but consider the fact we have a post reach of 6578 and active group membership of 902 people. Combine this with a WordPress presence of nearly 3000 in the same week and just these three streams alone see over 10000 interactions. Nothing comes close to Visitor awareness. Four Years ago we used mailouts: one thousand letters cost 670 pounds and a gate poll at the events proved that eight – YES EIGHT – people came to the Lincoln show as a direct result of postal mailouts.

The majority of our growing Visitor numbers come from past attendance, reading articles, watching videos, or listening to podcasts. And the awareness comes from the social media streams and reading LEN. Let us look at the traffic prior to The Newark Well Being Show:

LizianEvents Group

The numbers here are astronomical! And even though the figures have dropped in three weeks, there is no doubting that everyone who interacted still has knowledge of the Well Being Brand – The Shows and all of the Community.


I will continue to be driven by the future. We will keep reinvesting in the future of The Well Being Brand. And the continuous dedication to The Community is a forefront objective. The future is within the grasp of The Community’s dedication: many now see the commitment to Well Being Shows as a mainstay to their future.

We work together to produce the most holistic of Well Being Events. When someone new asks where do you promote: Our answer is simple: Everywhere where it counts. And we build a faithful following of attendees who know the people involved, see the exceptional organisation, the finest venues, the largest talk and presentation schedules, and mix of exhibiting Community.

I have no doubts about the future of The Community!

Liz Clark
MD – LizianEvents Ltd

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