What a brilliant day we had at Tynemouth Market. We take the opportunity to publish a few images today, and there will be a substantial write-up tomorrow.

The three Facebook lives were well subscribed and have proven to be a good way of bringing awareness to many new people. We recorded a couple of hours of interviews with the local people. When the recordings are edited and released, you’ll see the enthusiasm for the Newcastle Well Being Show is astounding.

Everyone involved in the Well Being Show and Pure Spirit Brands knows we are building a first-class reputation for superbly promoted and unique show experiences. The comments received at Tynmouth were more than encouraging! They cast a spell of success and good times ahead for the North East of England. The future looks very bright. And there ar emany more opportunities for any one who desire to be part of this growing organisation.

We have to step up the promotion and keep hammering on the anvil of success to beat out a horseshoe of good fortune. It is entirely possible to grow on the foundations the Community have made. Foundations which are deep and strong and made for a long term future. We listened to people’s thoughts and ideas, which can be bought into all Well Being and Pure Spirit Shows.

We have not promoted a show in this way before. But it will not be the last time Tynemouth Market will see us promote and talk to local people about the Well Being Show. The response to the promotion was incredible and leaves us in no doubt that the local people are enthusiastic about the new event. We are setting the seed for a new and popular event, and no doubt it will grow into a very substantial Well Being ~ Alternative Healing Event in the future.

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