Why is the visit to Tynemouth market so important?

When Liz and I drove up to Tynemouth Market to see Paul and Debs at their stall we had various objectives.

  1. Gauge the local feelings for the event.
  2. Promote the show.
  3. Talk to exhibitors.
  4. Record interviews.

Each of the objectives were achieved.

Local feelings are more than promising. Great enthusiasm for the show was expressed. And the interest comes from a wide age range of people. Far wider than our usual age bracket. Comments such as ‘Much needed’ – ‘Been too long’ – ‘Cannot wait’ were listened to all day long.

We loved promoting the show. Handing out plenty of flyers and showing people LizianEvents News pages are always a pleasure. Many potential Visitors had no problem with taking bundles of flyers for work place and friends.

Although we did not talk to many new exhibitors, the ones we did interview were very interested in the way events are organised. All expressed how much they like the platform and obvious promotional activity.

And we certainly recorded plenty of interviews. And also recorded three Facebook Live presentations. The live presentation have already been reviewed by over a thousand people. A combination of promotions on Sunday has resulted in three new Community-exhibitors joining the show. And there are plenty of more people asking for information and booking forms.

The conclusion is the early start was worth the effort.

I had the opportunity to record an interview with Tony – Liz met him at the LizianShop early in the year and he came over to Tynemouth to meet us after reading the article about our visit on Facebook.

Listen to his thoughts here:


No doubting there is sufficient interest in the event with just over three weeks before the doors open. The interest in the event from both Visitors and Community-exhibitors is excellent. We discovered there is already incredible awakens of the show and its purpose. No one has any issue with the venue or getting to the weekend event.

Therefore we have become even more encouraged by the potential of this first North East of England Well Being Show. The Community certainly build this event into one the to be proud of and indeed look forward to each time it is attended.

Newcastle Well Being Show: LizianEvents Ltd
Newcastle Well Being Show: LizianEvents Ltd

Newcastle Well Being Show
2 + 3 April
Newcastle Racecourse
High Gosforth Park
Newcastle upon Tyne

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