Sue Swan commented we were more of a tribe than a community! I asked her why she made the statement.

‘I asked an exhibitor if she liked The Well Being Shows organised by LizianEvents. And the answer given surprised me. She said, Ian calls us a community, and of course we are, but I think we are more tribal. I have never known so many people follow the shows so loyally. No one can doubt what the tribe is building, and I will defend what we have built without compromise.’

I have the conversation recorded, and it will become a podcast during May. But there is no doubt in my mind Sue, and our Community Member has a point. I do believe we are tribe-like. And this is because we have not only created a well-established brand. But we have ALL taken chances and made a long-term commitment to mutual success. 

Please make no mistake, our tribe is making headways, and more people are joining and wishing to join. The people joining are fully aware of the objectives, which mean long-term commitment and dedication. 

Those with level heads realise it is not enough to expect an organiser to make a show work. It is not enough to stand on past glories believing the goose will continue to lay the golden egg. A tribe understands the power of togetherness and follows a unified objective.

One should also consider a tribe does not seek conflict. They choose to work together to become a strong force without peers. They see the potential in being without tribal conflict and becoming admired and sought after for their wisdom, knowledge and teachings. The Well Being Tribe fulfils each of the trios precepts.

So, are we a tribe? Yes! I believe Sue and the (as yet) unnamed Community Member are right. We are a tribal community whose intention is to spread the word of health success, living without bickering, finding health and happiness and enjoying a harmonious life.

Yes! We are tagging Mind Body and Spirit

I have realised we now have to use every available promotional asset to give the Community the most significant opportunities. Some of you will see we have started to tag MBS to posts. And many of you see other popular tags on Instagram – Facebook – Twitter, and as of this week, TikTok and Pinterest social media streams. And we will step up the promotions more than seen over the last eight years: many of you have already seen the massive rise in posts and advertisements. I know we have the potential to open the interest of our shows to a broader audience. Not by adding new shows (although there will be a new venue announced in June) but by increasing the awareness of The Community’s work and assets.

None of us wishes to have a stream of events that attract the same Visitor stop the same exhibitors. This will have an inevitable outcome; there is only so much information people can seek. So our policy is to open the reach of The Well Being Brand and provide more between shows information.

So are we a Tribe? The answer is YES! We have a purpose and objective. And we will do anything necessary to bring new Visitors to our extraordinary events.

Ian Timothy

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