Magik Hands and how it all came about.

“Hello” my name is Johanna. Like many, it has been a long journey to find my true calling and spiritual path. Mainly due to family and cultural conditioning but I always stood out from the crowd and my dear father, bless him, realised very quickly that I would never be his “Darling “obedient” blue-eyed angel” but I would always be “Daddy’s little girl”. This brought him much strength and sorrow at the same time. He nurtured me to be different and taught me from a very young age to see everything in a multidimensional way. Hence opening my eyes and being to other possibilities. I have been a full-time mother, PA, Tour Rep, IT trainer and ESOL teacher. I have lived abroad most of my life and I’m currently living in the North East of England.

Newcastle Well Being Show: LizianEvents Ltd
Liz and Johanna

In 2017 I started a new venture. I started yearning for those peaceful hours as a teenager, when I would sit making seed bead necklaces and rings. So I bought a whole load of seed beads and started playing with them again. Just to realise very quickly that I wanted to sell them, I was going to have to take a long time, several months in fact, to make anything worth selling. So I ordered some semiprecious gemstone beads and started making healing bracelets and earrings. 

Then last year in 2022….. My journey took a new turn with the purchase of my birthday present, Michael, my rock quartz skull. Before I knew it I was doing lives on Facebook talking about crystals and trading at Tynemouth Market.

I like to make learning about crystals fun and informative, choosing a subject and crystals specific to help in a variety of ways, according to the topic for the live or video.

I also do alternative therapies. Acupressure, Gua Sha facial, Thai feet and hands reflexology, Arcturian and Dragon energy healing.

During our visit to Tynemouth Market Liz interviewed Johanna:

Newcastle Well Being Show
2 + 3 April
Newcastle Racecourse
High Gosforth Park
Newcastle upon Tyne

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