We are delighted that so many people use the Well Being name these days. Of course, the desire was to format another new and fresh identity, but it wasn’t long before others decided to tack ‘Well-Being’ onto the branding. And so, our brand grows due to the use of our original idea. And many of you will also see we have now added the by-line to our promotional media. It is: ‘The Mind Body and Soul Experience’, and this, of course, explains the depth and breadth of every event.

Why Soul?

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Spiritual attainment and experience are complex quests. Some would comment, ‘the spiritual aspects of existence are unfathomable.’ Undoubtedly, many of our community members are advanced in the concepts of spiritual endeavour and the ways to search or find spiritual awareness are well within their abilities.

And the word soul is easier to understand. ‘A soulful experience’ where we feel a deep resonance with a life event is well known. We understand soulful and soul music: we know their emotional resonance. All understand the soulful impact of a sunset or rise. We feel the soul of another human’s profound hearted generosity and kindness toward a stranger. The soul is one’s innermost self, life force, or personality. So we choose to provide attendees with the idea that by visiting a Well Being Show, they will be enjoying the many levels of a Mind-Body and Soul Experience. ©lizianevents

Well Being?

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To become a Well Being is a holistic endeavour. One has to consider the aspects of life which affect daily life. Material, intellectual, emotional and creative. None is more important than another, and all should be active, understood and cultured throughout life. One does not have to be an expert or understand the whole concepts of material, intellectual, emotional or creative activity. To consider them or acknowledge them is enough. We were the first events to recognise the purpose of our work. Which is to help people find ways to become ‘Well Beings’, and thankfully others have seen the wisdom of our aim and followed our lead. ©lizianevents

A Well Being Show Connects To Our World

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A Well Being Show is becoming more than a room full of traders. A Well Being Show is a soulful experience, one of material (retail), body (therapies and alternative healing), intellectual (talks and presentation), emotional (counselling and finding emotial peace through meditation), and creative (listening to music, taking part in tai-chi and Yoga demonstrations). And the people involved are of a community-driven mind. And after visiting a Well Being Show, one’s soul is activated, and the reason is open to new horizons of possibilities.

We are attaining the objectives set out nearly nine years ago in small and steady steps. From the small and humble beginnings of the Market Rasen Well Being Show to the larger venues, we have established a real identity. And as the Visitor numbers increase, they grow uniquely! There is an air of quality about every aspect of a Well Being Show. Everyone involved, all who come to each event, are there for a purpose. And this is the reason why people travel hundreds of miles to become part of the show!

Well Being Shows will continue to evolve. Each one is a learning curve, from table layouts to stage area position, and talk schedules and presentations are adjusted for the following event. And so, the evolution will continue because every event has to reflect the original purpose. And to become a Well Being, it is essential to re-examine all aspects of the entity. ©lizianevents

Progression ~ Wheels Within Wheels

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A Well Being Show is a Quality Event. It is one of ‘Wheels Within Wheels.’ Where everyone involved knows there’s a long term plan and objective. All see the events as a progression and accept that change is never easy and takes time. All who make the Well Being Shows the quality events are here for the long haul. And this is good because, in all avenues of life, those who only see short term move on, and those who know a brand’s quality realise it takes time to invest in future success. ©lizianevents

The Well Being Brand

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The Well Being Show represent freedom and quality. Community Members contribute to the caring messages of wellbeing, health, happiness and unity. For the identity of the Well Being Shows to be seen as unique, there is more than organising an event. The Well Being Brand is one of Friendship and Community. Of course there will be disagreements and misunderstandings along the way. However, it is our objective for people who are part of every event to be involved in the concepts behind every Well Being Show. No matter how difficult the process becomes we are all dedicated to make each show a little better than the last. The word is Quality and providing exceptional standards. ©lizianevents

When Visiting a Well Being Show attendees are sure to be part of a Mind Body and Soul Experience

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