4 + 5 June 2022
The Lincolnshire Well Being Show

The Ultimate Mind Boday and Soul Experience
The Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

We expect there will be over 80 Community-exhibitors standing at this event. Some of the highlights are over 40 talks, a yoga studio, two brilliant workshops and a whole weekend of stage performances, including, singing, drums, guitars, tai-chi, meditations and a larger children’s activity area. There is every reason to visit the Mind Body and Spirit Experience. Join us for an epic show at the Epic Centre.

Epic Centre Lincolnshire

The talk schedule will be published Wednesday (11 May 2022). And no one can dispute the depth and breadth of the speakers and subjects. For example, we have an absolute favourite Mr Peter Wall: who will be talking about one of the subjects for which he is most recognised: Past Life Regression. Peter will be talking on both days and the presentation is audio visually enhanced.

Peter Wall: Hypnosis: Hypnotist: LizianEvents Ltd

Peter Wall

John Richardson is presenting two talks over the weekend and they are on the same subject of Spiritual connections and awakening, but he will be using his Past Life Revealed deck in the Saturday presentation and his book on mediumistic development in the Sunday seminar. If you have attended one of John’s talks in the past you know this will be a brilliant experience.

John Richardson : LizianEvents

John Richardson

Brigitte Rix returns to the Well Being Shows with talks about her work, her books and her new publication ‘Your Secret Powers’ this is truly groundbreaking work and is full of insight into ways to discover the ‘Secret Powers’ which lay within our inner-being. As many of you know, Brigitte is the most entertaining and informative speaker: this presentation will captivate all attendees.

Brigitte Rix: LizianEvents

Brigitte Rix

Angela Barker has become one of the most sought after presenters on the MBS circuit. You will find her working at events countrywide most weekends. Her depth of esoteric knowledge is amazing, no wonder people her talks are always well attended. Whether she is talking about (for example) Pagan traditions, making and using candles or using exotic incense the audience is certain to be captivated. Watch out for the seminar titles on Wednesday.

Angela Barker: LizianEvents Ltd

Angela Barker

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