First of all, the attendance figure: 858 Visitors for the weekend’s event.

Show Thoughts:

I said to Liz on the drive home, ‘It is like a boxing day drive.’ And the journey, which generally takes one hour and forty minutes, was complete in just an hour and was a leisurely drive. As we came into Nottingham, I said to Liz, ‘We have witnessed a miracle this weekend. To have seen over eight hundred people at the event is a testament to the Well Being Brand and the Community.’ Only on this drive home on Sunday evening did I realise what had been achieved during the fourteen hours of Well Being happiness.

And after a conversation with a Nottingham market trader this morning, I realised the full implications of the attendance numbers this weekend. My fellow market trader (Tony Truin) said, ‘I went home on Friday at 10:30 and Saturday at 11:00. The market and the shopping centre were like ghost towns.’

The Lincolnshire Well Being Show was a brilliant event. One only has to look at the fantastic reviews on social media (both Community and Visitors) to realise the quality of the event. And the praises continue to come in, and social media and private messages abound with heartfelt and genuine positive feedback.

All of us now know how outstanding the achievement is and as Liz and I sat at the reception, we realised that many of our regular Visitors were arriving solo or with fewer friends than average. Time and again, we listen to people saying these phrases ‘Elle is not with us this weekend, she is at a Jubilee event. Or ‘My usual friends who come here are at a street party’ or ‘I’m here alone this week.’ We now know many regular Visitors were tied to Jubilee celebrations; choosing to be with family during the once in a lifetime event. And yet, the Well Being Show turned into a magnificent and profitable show for The Community.

Why was the show so good?

We could consider a comment made by a Visitor ‘Your shows have a truly unique atmosphere and appeal. Nothing is like your events. There is a special quality to them, a special refinement.’ Of course, we would agree, and so would Community Members. But there is another evident aspect: the people coming to the events are 101% dedicated to the genre and the Well Being Experience. The nett effect was the best possible blend of Visitors and Community meant the show and its atmosphere were incredible and never to be forgotten.

You would have to be there to acknowledge the success of the event. And thanks go out to all the attending Community Members who are indeed the principal reason for the success. Claude, Ange, Alan, Don and Carol who run the stage area, the thirty-six people who presented the sixty talks, and Philip’s dedication to the incredibly busy Yoga studio. The Spiritual Counsellors, therapists, information stands and retailers travelled immense distances to make the Lincolnshire Well Being Show happen.

Community faith in the Well Being Brand and understanding that the Jubilee celebrations could scupper its success cannot be underestimated. And even though there was this doubt in our minds, the enthusiasm was without question, no gripes, moaning or looking for fault. The ethos is to provide the best for clients and customers came through. Smiles and positivity is the Community’s way and Visitors sense the attitude. People remember the vibes, attitudes and this is why this weekend’s Well Being Show became a memorable success.

Chandu commented ‘You seem to have done more promotion for the show.’ Indeed we made sure there were plenty social media posts, and the email list was used to full capacity. But the real key to success was the quality of the show and the numbers of attending Community Members. Visitors saw the potential and choose to travel. We did not ‘promote’ any more than usual, the awareness is now organic, and self-supporting, and this reach is the best of all! The success of the show was down to the Community full stop.

Of course, show awareness is focussed here on LizianEvents News. And being part of this platform can have beneficial aspects. I do not often give out statistics for LEN, but I’ll make an exception here: 2456 views in seven days!

7 Day Stats LEN: LizianEvents Ltd

On average 8500 visits each month to LEN!

People are interested in the Community and the events LizianEvents organise. The organic reach IS growing as is the love of the brand. When the Visitor said ‘Your shows have a truly unique atmosphere and appeal. Nothing is like your events. There is a special quality to them, a special refinement.’ she had hit the reason for this weekend’s success fair and square.

I suggest, that if this event was not affected by the Jubilee celebrations, we would have exceed 1200 Visitors. We have a rock solid trading platform, there is a special quality within the Community acknowledged by all Visitors. The Visitors are specific to our Well Being Shows and this symbiotic relationship is growing.

Community! You were brilliant ~ Well Done

Ian Timothy

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