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If you had enjoyed Debbie’s presentation before and missed the Lincolnshire Well Being Show, this podcast will be of great interest. It is an emotionally charged and heartfelt presentation. The message is delivered with compassion, intelligence and easily understood. And could be of immense benefit for those who are bereaved.

Death from a Spiritual Perspective
Debbie Ison talks about her experience of therapeutically guiding loved ones through the dying process. And how what she learned relates to her work in terms of past life regression, soul retrieval, and spiritual releasement work. Debbie dedicates this talk to her wonderful friend Karen whose kindness and courage inspire her every day. 

A Review of the Recording

“Absolutely amazing talk thank you so much for sharing your very personal experiences you did your friend proud the way you shared your story was beyond any words I could write I feel I went on a journey of emotions listening to you, I’m always fascinated with you & your amazing therapy work & you are always so easy to understand the way you explain things but this particular talk has helped me so much Thank You” ~ Kelly.

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