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LizianEvents News book reviews are a good way of getting your book noticed. And people do take notice of our reviews. Our readership averages 8500 visitors each month.

The question is, are we qualified to give a fair appraisal of your book? Let’s look at the facts. Ian Timothy edits this site. When it comes to writing, he has an incredible track record. Here on LEN, there are over 2000 articles. 75% written, and Ian edits other submissions.

He also writes books and freelance articles for third parties. His output is substantial. How can this be evidenced? Look at the Grammarly statistics recorded since 21.08.16 – Yes! That is NINE MILLION words in six years. Or an average of 4200 words every day! It is impossible to write with such consistency and not know ‘something’ about writing.

Grammerly Stats: Ian Timothy: LizianEvents Ltd

Let’s take this further, Ian also reads an average of three weekly books. Genres vary from fiction to reference. He also researches for information when writing freelance articles for magazines or ghostwriting books for clients. The reality is that he understands what makes a good book and if it is worth reporting.

So, if you have a book that needs a fair review and wants to gain a wider audience, contact LizianEvents to submit it. If the book is accepted, you can be sure of an honest review.

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