On Thursday, I visited Alan Wood at his home. We spoke about the progress of the Well Being Shows and his future work. We also saw a new spiritual centre in Coventry. The centre is the brainchild of Pritt and his wife Belvia, and the centre has incredible potential for spiritually minded West-Midland people.

The centre is well appointed, and Pritt has many plans for the future, he feels it is essential for the centre to become a multicultural establishment. As you can see from the photographs, Pritt and Belvia have made a substantial personal contribution to the project. There are eight first-class rooms to use for therapies or meetings and the centre uniquely has an internet server with 1GB transfer!

Pritt and Alan Interview:

As you will have discovered, Pritt’s ideas are far ranging and important to all people with a spiritual quest. I know all who attend the centre in the future will be welcomed with love ana generosity. Of course, can talk to Alan Wood about the centre at any of The Well Being Shows. Alan has become an important member of our growing and far ranging tribe.

Some pictures of the Topps Centre:

The Address and contact details of the Topps Spiritual Centre

Topps Spiritual Centre
Topps House
101 ~ 103 Park Road
CV12 8LB

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