Many notice how The Well Being Shows have evolved and have a real identity. Well Being Shows attract a select group of exhibitors, all focused on Visitors and client satisfaction. None are profit centred. They see building relationships as paramount to their long-term success.

Attending Visitors notice a uniqueness in the atmosphere, which has an affinity to their needs and desires. Most arrive at a Well Being Show knowing they will stay for most of the day or make it a weekend event. And they travel from around the country to enjoy the well-being activities. It is not unusual to talk to a Visitor who does not wish to leave. Their day or weekend has involved an epiphany, a life-changing moment.

A Well Being Show is one of peace and happiness. No doubting the subtle vibes bring a calming effect to visitors. Could this be the reason they return time and again? And is the unique atmosphere another aspect of Visitor loyalty? 

A Troubled World

Well Being Shows are becoming more focused on alternative ways to negotiate this troubled world. People who find the madness almost impossible to understand will discover ways to find calm. Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, Bio-resonance, Homeopathic remedies, Tai Chi, Sound therapy, essential oils, and even learning about the benefits of red wine are part of the learning curve.

Spiritual counsellors offer ideas of spiritual awareness. Even a word or sentence can open new avenues to creative awareness. Creative Awareness? Yes! Spiritual ideas can create new concepts of calm and peace within one’s being. When a mind is bombarded with media negativity and no hope news, there is a need for respite and repair. Visiting a Well Being Show helps put the confusing world into perspective.


Visitors will expect to see and listen to ‘off the-wall’ thinking! And why not? The so-called ‘fact checker’ world closed the mind to expansive thinking. 

A Well Being Show makes no false or extreme promises. The show says, ‘Come and visit and see the alternative of a holistic event.’ The greater one’s desire to become free from the constraints of closed-minded thinking, the better the show rewards. And remember, there is no need to agree to accept everything seen or listened to! The concept is to realise some alternative thinkers live successful lives. An idea that alternative, holistic and spiritually creative connections can open the mind to new horizons and powerful ways to find real and lasting peace and happiness. Indeed any bond between peace, kindness, love and happiness cannot be ignored. 

Wide Appeal

Well Being Shows have a broad appeal. It does not matter what walk of life you come from. Everyone becomes friends at a Well Being Show. A Well Being Show truly is a meeting of body, mind and souls! The centre of attraction is learning and thinking about becoming a well being. Visitors soon realise how alternative thinking is already part of their lives. In this strange world, many attempt to persuade us are in a complex world without hope or a future. We disagree! There are islands of respite calm, Well Being Shows are havens of peace.

Looking For A Memorable Day or Weekend?

Visitors are always rewarded for travelling to a Well Being Show. Follow your instinct! You are here and reading this article. In that case, there is a reason you have searched the internet or read LizianEvents News. We do believe in coincidence and fate! Why not travel to the show and do something different? Why not be part of a beautiful event? 

Unlimited free parking.
30 free talks and presentations
60+ Community exhibitors
Alternative and complementary therapies
Fairtrade retail
Jewellery, crystals, orgonite, incense and esoteric products.
Children’s activity area

Indeed a wonderful Well Being Weekend

See You There

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