LizianEvents Facebook Live shows are top-rated. Last week’s show with homoeopath Wendy Jackson has already reached over 900 people. And we are confident this week’s show will meet with the same appreciation. Step Holland was a fantastic guest, and what a story she had to tell. Stephanie contemplated the loss of her wonderful mother and turned the immense grief and pain into a world-standard healing modality. Watching the recording is an inspiration and demonstrates how we harness the juxtaposition of love and sorrow into something beneficial to humankind.

Thank you Steph for the wonderful hour in your company:

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Hi there!

One thing I’ve learned over the last few years is there’s no such thing as a chance meeting. 

In some way, something good will come of your visit to my site. That I’m sure of…

I’m Steph, the founder, Creator and Master Educator of Helenergy Healing but I am also known as a Healing Mentor and Lightworker.

As well as being a Beauty Therapist, Teacher, and the Director of my own award-winning beauty training academy, I’ve been an energetic healer for over 15 years. I could say I know a thing or two about making people feel good inside and out, but I really think that decision would be up to you to make if you were to take the leap to work with me!

If you’d told me five years ago that I’d be helping people heal, I probably would have laughed (if not tutted), but here I am with a beautiful healing modality that I’ve created and there is NOTHING else like it – of that I am sure.

…Now, this isn’t all about me; in fact, this is all about you.

Maybe you’ve heard of me or maybe you’ve already bought my gorgeous Helenergy products (I know you will love using them). When I trained in energetic healing, I was shocked at the power of how it really can heal the mind and body and sustain the soul. I was fascinated at how the indisputable success of this has proved its worth over the centuries.

“I’ve developed my revolutionary healing technique and founded my brand”.

I’m really excited…it’s called ‘Helenergy’.

It’s true to say…Helenergy is a personalised approach to healing the whole of you. There are no limits to what Helenergy can help you with.

Right now, people are suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia and physical pain in the body like never before. People are losing connection to themselves and their life and feel lost, stuck and isolated.

Helenergy will help you feel lighter, brighter and better every single day.

It combines Helenergy healing flow, along with personalised rituals and of course, the use of the beautiful Helenergy products to help you release and dissipate anything that’s weighing you down lately.

It’s time to truly relax, turn a page…help you get through this time…and maybe even make this your best year yet.

Now is the time to regain connection to yourself and realise life’s true essence, and I am here to guide you as your healing mentor.

Much Love,

Steph xx

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