Everyone who participated as Community Member or Visitor knows this Well Being Show was a brilliant event. The camaraderie of community members has never been as strong and as acknowledged. Attendance numbers were just short of 700, not including two-day attendees. And the visitors stayed the whole day, which accurately indicates the quality event.

Talks rooms were full, and some were so busy excess number in the audience had to sit on the floor! No complaints, though! The standard of the talks was exceptional, varied and well presented. We enjoyed positive comments after positive comments regarding this aspect of the show. Philip’s Yoga Studio was full throughout both days, and this aspect has to be explored further. Philip Underwood’s free two-hour workshop was also fully subscribed, with him having to turn people away! He was over the moon with the response, and so were we. The feedback was incredible. Well done to both Philips 🙂

Thanks to Don and Carol Harradine for looking after the small stage area. Visitors enjoyed the weekend’s music, Tai Chi, book reviews, meditations, drumming, Dance of Life, Pow-Wow and Native American presentations. This is becoming an essential aspect of the Well-Being Show. And we will invest heavily in making the stage area more appealing in 2023. We all love the informal spontaneity of the timetable, and we encourage more people to use the facility.

We truly know the Well-Being Shows organised by LizianEvents have a unique identity. They have become a real family affair, and visitors bring their children to the events knowing they are in a safe environment. And the kids love the activity area. This will be expanded for 2023, and watch out for improvement in the children’s activities.

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Family Friendly and Space Equals Grace

And visitors comment on the space and freedom of the building. Without a doubt, the determination to use significant airy spaces works. The optical illusion is the attendance is not high, and the reality is far from the perception. The evidence is that space equals grace with full talk rooms, full dining areas, and vast space between the stalls.

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And Mel Foot’s Opinion:

So, do I need to prove this show was an astounding success? No, the fact is that Community-based Well Being Shows are like no other. They have gained a superb reputation and are genuinely unique. Every show indicates a steady positive progression, and the dedication to progress, community and visitor satisfaction make these remarkable headways.

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