During the Newark Well Being Show, many Community members decided to speak out about the event and its organisers. A unified message has to be sent out to potential Community Members and Visitors to Well Being Shows.

During the no holds barred interviews, the messages were conclusive. They spoke of the number of visitors attending the show, their treatment by the show’s organisers, and comparisons to pre-lockdown turnouts. In this shocking expose of the Well Being Brand’s ethos, you must make certain conclusions as to which direction the Well Being Brand is being taken!

Suppose you consider attending or becoming an exhibitor at a Well Being Show. In that case, it is essential to watch this insightful and revealing video, a real ‘behind the scenes’ revelation of the true nature of The Well Being Shows. The organisers cannot avoid the absolute truth being spoken by Community Members. Accusations involve fairness, venue quality, footfall, talks schedules, stage attendance and Visitor interest. Nothing is lifted uncovered in this undercover article.

Who knows where this insider report will take the Well-Being Shows? Will the ethos, reputation and growing number of attendees be damaged? Only you can decide…

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