Sometimes a short article can have more effect than a two or three thousand words of information. I wondered if I could write a three-hundred words article about the incredible benefits of Authentic Happiness. Here goes!

Authentic Happiness:

To live happy life we need to realise when specific acts are related to real and authentic happiness. I offer the suggestion that the only situation which lights the mind with peace and love, is when we are within excellent relationships. Deeply loved family, interaction with solid friends and the hours of peaceful relaxation. Review the situations of happiness, do not lets them sink into distant memories.

Holding the Memory:

We know for sure when the time is right, the moment is perfect. And here is a major lesson. When we are within the moments of authentic happiness, it is important to hold on to the memory. Relish every moment by remembering the people, place, day and even time of day. Next, hold the feeling within the mind. It could be, later in the day, or, if you are fortunate the reflection could be of a series of days or even a week or so: that the reflection takes place. But, make sure you hold the memory.

Happy Memories Open the Way to Many More!

Your unconscious mind understands more about situations than conscious thought. In league with one’s memory the unconscious mind is capable of setting up similar sequences of events. If a man can constantly fail, another can become almost continually happy. By consciously reviewing and revising ‘Authentic Happy Situations’ the unconscious mind becomes trained to develop a happy mindset. The certainty is, those who recycle and revisit darkness live in the shadow of unhappiness. People who recycle and revisit light and bright situations are happy.

So Simple?

Why shouldn’t attaining happiness be this simple? We do not consciously preplan failure, and failures and setbacks are within the lives of negative thinkers. There is NO reference here to the idea of positive thinking. The suggestion is active, active thinking, focussed on a specificities method, one formulated to activate the immense potential of harnessing one’s memory and unconscious mind. The concept is no easy fix, like all real and effective thought processes, we have to train the mind to direct us into making beneficial choices.

Two Minutes

It should have taken about two minutes to read this article. Short lessons are easiest to remember. Meet me at a Well Being show in 2023.


Darren Stanton.

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