Saturday Review of The Lincolnshire Well-Being Show

I’m writing this short review at 16:30 after experiencing what must be described as an incredible day. We knew it would be a winner from around 10:30. We did not have hundreds in the queue. The doors opened consistently for the whole morning. Within the first hour, over 150 people had passed through the doors. The visitors kept arriving throughout the day even though the rain became a little more persistent by mid-afternoon.

As you can see from the images, many happy Community Members reported good trade and great interest in their products and services. Talking to many visitors, they agreed with the consensus, ‘It’s a great show, Ian!’

The talk rooms fulfilled their promise. While I cannot write, every room had a full audience for every presentation. Most had almost total capacity, and of course, many seminars did attain the ‘sorry no more space’ accolade. This is NO reflection on any who gave their time to tell their stories. As already written, every talk had good audience numbers. Thank you so much for your dedication. You have certainly impressed all who listened to your wise words.

The Lovely Lisa With A ‘Full House”

One of the best aspects of The Well-Being Show is the diversity of attending visitors. Both wise and young people came to explore the possibilities of a Well-Being Show. And I am certain all have left with memories of an incredible day. Of course, many who will visit tomorrow (Sunday, 5th November) were with us today. The number of people who converted their day tickets into two-day passes was unprecedented. Surely a maker of the success of today’s event?

Is the Lincolnshire Well-Being Show a success? Based on the feedback and high attendance numbers, I must write: ‘This show is an absolute winner!’ Thanks to the Community and Visitors, some travelled immense distances to be with us today. You can be sure of your contribution to a spectacular Well-Being Show.

See You on Sunday

4 + 5 November 2023
The Lincolnshire Well-Being Show

Mind Body and Soul Experience
The Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

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