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Building a reputation is similar to a growing tree. An acorn falls to the ground and becomes a sapling. The oak takes a long time to grow, as the years pass it becomes established. Each spring the foliage grows, and during the beauty of autumn the leaves become golden and fall to the ground. The fallen leaves rot into the soil and provide nutrients for the new trees. The nature of the tree guides us to understand we have to give to succeed.

My feeling is when we demonstrate acts of kindness and show others how we live a successful life, others follow and ask how they too can be happy and secure. Happiness is natural, it is an emotional feeling resulting from making the right choices. For examples: Saying ‘no’ to those who are selfish and greedy. Refusing to accept dishonesty or falseness. Seeking the truth and living with transparency. Seeking friends who are generous, open-minded and kind.

Unhappiness is hard work ‘Why me?’ ‘Living in an illusion’ ‘Self-deception’ and ‘Blind faith’ are four thorns of discord. Life owes us nothing, everything we become is a direct result of our actions and the ways we live our life. Unhappiness is hard work our mind spins in cycles of anger and frustration. While we waste time with anger, happiness is neglected. Making the wrong choices, living in hope and losing life hours are facets of unhappiness. Being spiteful and deriding other people will cause long-term difficulties, not for the victim of the sleight, sadness awaits the messenger of malice.

We know the tree provides oxygen to the atmosphere, its breath is needed for our survival. How can we grow our reputation? It is easy; respire your thoughts, ideas, and principles, help people to be happy and find peace within their lives. Lead by example, demonstrate real truth and work to discover the best of your friend’s character, don’t seek the weakness of a personality, look for the strengths and make them your own. When you share your strengths, you empower those who enter your environment. Those who share weakness, spite, anger and verbal venom, disempower their-selves. In this connected world, the fake is exposed and cannot prosper.

Alice's Gold Star For Sharing
Alice’s Gold Star For Sharing

How can we grow our reputation? It is easy; respire your thoughts, ideas and principles help people to be happy and find peace with their lives. Why not begin with sharing? As Alice says ‘Sharing is caring’ she also says: ’What’s going to work?’ and her reply ‘Teamwork’s going to work’ is the one we laugh at every single time.

The difficulty is, it is hard to get your thoughts read or listened to. If a website or blog is going to become well known, the owner has to work at it for many months or even years. Further difficulties stem from the fact there are millions of people wishing to become noticed. The best way to achieve visibility is to become part of an ethos or community. And use it for people to see your work and enter into your unique and colourful world.

During the last hour, I have looked at our Google Analytics here are the figures – combined ‘clicks’ to our website and blog in a seven day period were nearly 2000 in total. 1400 from this WordPress blog – 500 from our Vimeo video site – 450 on our web page – Anyone who contributes to our platforms can only benefit from the interaction. Aurora Crystals received 76 full reads in one day and Campbell Wallace 43 clicks on a Sunday. For every share you make from your social media page, Facebook or Twitter you demonstrate a commitment to the success of our community. The Map below was created 24 hours ago, so the figures are lower than today’s update.

See How It Works
See How It Works

The map demonstrates how and why writing essays which are promoted through our platforms connect exhibitors to visitors. Visitors can make their decision to visit us by reading about us and our ideas, services, treatments and products. Consider the idea further: if your friends and followers also share our posts and interactions what will be the result? As Alice says ‘Sharing is caring.’ Why share? It shows you care about the success of our community.

More important is for you to contribute to our community. Campbell and Aurora Crystal’s Debbie Thorpe see the importance of sharing and allowing the 1000+ visitors to our platforms to connect to them. Yes! You are correct the success of LizianEvents is very much part of this endeavor. Until we change the environment of the shows to one of happiness and mutual success, we will see a decline in interest from visitors. I know many visitors will return and there will be many new visitors ready to enjoy a day or a weekend with us. What better way to encourage them, than giving them the opportunity to meet us before the show.

We are the first to do this; no one else has opened the events in a way which encourages community. Innovation? You can be sure it is, and the first to begin a method will always be the innovators. One last point: When I use the word ‘we’ I do not refer to The LizianEvents ‘We’ – I am acknowledging the ‘We’ of our community. Each one of us who takes advantage of the Shows, WordPress, and Website, will grow like an oak, LizianEvents the roots, exhibitors the trunk and branches. The leaves on the tree represent our visitors and friends who seek peace and calm in an uncertain world.

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