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Di Wall: I believe all people have psychic capability – some choose to use it, some decide to ignore it, some choose to – poo poo it! Over the years I have done all three! Although the gift is like the sea ‘she draws you back every time.’

During childhood, I suspected there was something ‘different’ about me. I knew who was ‘good’ and who was ‘bad’ – who to trust and who to be wary of. During these formative years, I was careful not to talk about the outcome of events I’d perceived days or weeks earlier. My work has evolved since childhood and silence is key to success, for in silence answers are revealed. A child with psychic ability does well to stay silent! A higher awareness can be friend and foe, we meet someone who has a ‘good’ reputation, and ‘something’ is not ‘right’, we meet another who has a poor reputation and we ‘know’ they are kind and loving humans. After all these years it is still a strange feeling to be able to work out a strangers problems and receive their gratitude.

My first encounter with the spiritual realms was in 1958 while living with my maternal grandmother (she named spirits ‘Visitors of the Night’ and told me never to be frightened of their presence). After this encounter, I discovered an ability to connect with people on a deeper Psychic Level. Indeed I began to use my abilities in daily life, for example going from humble secretary to Marketing Executive. Over the following years, my insight into our fellow man helped me build an events company and successful wedding hire business. I mention this so as a reader does not think our work is bound within the spiritual realms.

Although I’d used my psychic connection to help me in the world of commerce, I was being drawn elsewhere. I had retired from a none stop life of business due to an illness, and I took on a lesser role as administrator for a busy restaurant. My connection to the general public bought opportunities which I could not have foreseen. Customers would talk to me about their problems, and I was able to make deeply insightful observations as to the root of their issues.

If ever there was confirmation from my psychic connections, the years of talking to and helping strangers, confirmed what I’d suspected all those years ago in my Grandmothers home. My journey would inevitably connect me to many aspects of spiritual work. In 2006 I became a professional reader and spiritual counsellor.

Di During A Reading
Di During A Reading

For my Readings and Spiritual Counselling, I use Egyptian symbols and ‘Channelled Guidance’ and intuitive conversation with my clients. We discuss, ponder and peruse how I can help them through the trials and tribulations they may be facing.  Be it work, family, or relationships issues, I will assist where I possibly can in giving the client some ‘light at the end of, in some cases, a very dark tunnel’! I do not class myself as having a “gift”; I do what comes naturally!

During readings and counselling, I do not look into the future or the past, unless there is a relevance to the conversation with my client. My approach is to connect through empathy and patience, and I am sure today’s issues were made yesterday and if we cannot see the effects of our actions we cannot control our future. Very often my psychic connection guides my client to resolve their problem. This is my objective, my purpose for my work. From professional footballer to hardworking housewife, my ability is to see through the fog and guide my client to the options available.

I do not claim to be a medium, although it has been known for a visitor from the ‘other side’ to connect while I am working with a client. It is fine to ask for a message to be given, and I am pleased to be able to do.  However, if a client is specifically looking to connect or contact with someone who has departed this world, most often I will pass them onto another professional who is more connected to this particular line of spiritual work.

My talks about my personal experiences with Spirit and Ghostly activity are well received. The way I have changed direction from working in industry, small business, corporate hospitality and catering management to where I am now, is reflected in the talks:  The talks are titled: “The Egyptian Connection” and “Ghosts, Ghouls and Things that go Bump in the Night!”

I am also an author and poet; my writing shares my Life’s experiences. Many of my dreams inspired poems are recorded, and the Cd’s have become immensely popular with people from many differing walks of life.

I have met some amazing people during the past ten years. I am humbled by their comments.  Here are just a few:-

Di’s unique approach to helping clients achieve clarity & focus in their lives has ensured her popularity & repute. She uses Egyptian symbolism to explore the energies which surround all of us & offers clues which she interprets with compassion & clarity. Ian Wallace

“Di, you are an amazing, beautiful, gifted soul! Having talks and advice from you has changed my life, and started me on my spiritual path! Thank you so much!

With much love and friendship” Odette xx

“Wow didn’t know what to expect – you have blown me away with your insight – bless you.” Frances Munro

Egyptian Connections
Egyptian Connections


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