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Clipstone Usui Reiki and Energy Healing Systems

Clipstone Reiki is Mick Haywood and Alan Sheppard. We are both Master Teachers of many years experience. Over the years our methods have evolved, and the amazing results from combining Reiki and energy healing has achieved amazing results.

We have run our successful training facility in Clipstone for many years. Our current classes average 22 students, and this is an excellent number for our trainees. Because of mixed levels; from complete novices to students, there is superb interaction and mutual learning. Many of our students continue to attend Clipstone even though they are attuned to Master level. We both feel this is an indication of the high standards we set.

The classes have an equal balance of male and female students and a wide age range, One of the wonders of Reiki is that it appeals to people from all walks of life. The connections and friendships are part of the experience. If there is a way to find peace, it is when people come together to work for health, well-being, and contentment  This connection and working together must be one of the reasons for the very high success rate of attainment. There is no rush, student progress at their own pace, we never push for students to progress if they feel they are not ready.

Many students travel long distances to attend classes. And many enroll due to the recommendations of former students. When a new pupil contacts us for information or wishes to attend the courses and says ‘It was Helen who recommended me to you, she trained at your facility.’ We know our training is achieving the standards set all those years ago.

 Reiki Master Teachers
Alan Sheppard and Mick Haywood

There will be a few questions to be answered about becoming Reiki attuned. Remember, our first class is always free. During this class, the student can decide how they feel about the weeks ahead, and of course, they can talk to their fellow students. The work does require some careful preparation, although there is nothing complicated to do. Dedication and the love of healing are the two greatest qualifications to success.

You may wonder about attunements -Each step is taken on a one to one basis. This is because, letting the student feel the full benefit of the experience, is a truly spiritual moment. Many students comment it is literally life changing and inspiring.  We are dedicated to teaching Reiki to the highest standard possible.

While visiting the Lincoln Well Being Show take some time to talk to Alan and Mick about the school and their work. Enjoy a Reiki session as part of your visit – The whole show is about finding peace and calm, what better way to begin than Reiki?

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