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Teresa Sequeira
Teresa Sequeira

Allow me to introduce my product range. There are three specific areas covered, and each one has practical benefits for your well-being. I have received excellent feedback from my customers, many returning time and again.

The three product lines are:-

  1. Dreamlits Bracelets: Dreamlit is crystal bracelet with a magnetic clasp. It is made of eight specially selected crystals which re harmonise’s the bodies energy system. Wearing the bracelet for an hour or so before sleep, or during stressful times, realigns the bodies energy and allows the inner being to settle down into a peaceful rhythm. This will result in a deeper and more peaceful rest, enhancing the quality and depth of sleep.
  2. Crystal Pyramid and Cubes: It has long been recognised that these shapes have a harmonising effect upon our environment. For many years people have acknowledged the influence of vibrational energy affecting our living environments. The Pyramid and Cube made of high-quality crystals re-harmonises enclosed areas and living spaces. The Pyramid and Cube will also have a beneficial effect upon the energy centres of the human body. Stray and negative energy is absorbed and dissipated.
  3. Colloidal Gold and Silver: Both products made to the highest standard possible. Years of research has shown colloid to be very effective with many different physical problems. Colloidal Gold is a natural anti-inflammatory. Colloidal Silver is a powerful natural antibiotic.

If you sometimes feel ‘out of balance’ ‘out of sorts’ or ‘uncomfortable.’ You may discover a few minutes talking with me about the re-harmonising benefits of Dreamlit’s, Pyramids and Cube’s, will help you answer this type of unsolved problems.

It is certainly worth learning about the history and advantages of Colloidal Gold and Silver. We have seen incredible results with people who use these safe and powerful natural products. Whenever a customer returns the replenish their stocks, it has to be due to the effectiveness and quality of the product.

How I became involved with well-being has unusual beginnings. Twenty-seven years ago I joined the RAF and became an aircraft engineer. I served for twenty-two years and realised it was time for a change. And what a change, this is an entirely different world. I travel to holistic shows all over the country. It is a most enjoyable and rewarding way to follow one’s chosen path. My interest in vibrational energies affect on our well-being has led me to many conclusions. The products I have selected to harmonise both body and environment are one’s which work.  My returning customers are a testament to this statement. Of course, the colloidal gold and silver are well established as superb alternative and complementary therapies.

This short introduction will provide some information about myself and my products. There are always further questions to be asked. When you feel ‘out of balance’ or have that ‘uncomfortable and unknown’ feeling, it is often due to unbalance of the vibrational energies which surround you. While visiting the Well-Being Show, you will see The Dreamlits Stall: now you know a something of my work, stop by and ask me a few questions about my work.



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