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No Crystal Ball Needed
No Crystal Ball Needed

The last paragraph of yesterday’s post 🙂

The dedication to the community is paramount to long term success. We take this opportunity to indicate our commitment by offering help to those without an internet website. We will build a simple three-page site, i.e., – About Me – My Calendar – Contact – for any member of our community who feels a website will benefit their progress. The platform will, of course, be WordPress – The cost would include advertisement free site, your own domain name, and an administration email address.  

For details and price contact: – media@lizianevent.com

My friend Darren Stanton comments:
‘That’s a special thing to do Ian’ and of course he’s right. It is a special thing to demonstrate to people you care. And make no mistake we do care for the community. Everything we can do to help people succeed will be done. From a ‘share’ to e-mail out, if it is legal we’ll do it. All you need to do is ask, if you have anything to say tap the keys, put it out to the growing community.

Growing followers?
Yes, yesterday we fired out 7400 emails to promote ‘the community’’ and this morning 2150 people had opened the ‘newsletter’, and that is special. Because most mail-outs do not achieve this percentage of ‘openings.’ The comment is: “We are taking ‘traction’ we are getting noticed.”

The message is:
‘Thank You’: To all of you who share, care and see the potentials of our objectives. We are beginning to make an impression. Visitors recognise the integrity of the information found within the essays. The ‘ping’ of the e-mail notification is averaging six times an hour. (Yes, it is an indication that little things, please little minds) However, the pings are questions from potential exhibitors and visitors. Interest is growing daily, magic is happening. The reason is, people feel connected, people are beginning to realise they are ‘part of’ not ‘a-part’ of our events.

The ripples of communication are ever increasing circles of influence. We know our work is being viewed by many hundreds of people. This is our reward for the time invested, and it feels great. There are many more essays to post and tomorrow another video profile.

Today’s Post is intentionally short – it is another pebble in the pond.

Thank You

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