Joe Hymas Talks about His Work

Today’s video post is an interview with Joe Hymas. He attended The Lincoln WellBeing Show to promote DW Fitness Lincoln.

For those who walked on past Joe, they missed an opportunity to talk to an incredible man. I spoke to him for over half an hour about his work and his views on life. Even though this interview is focussed on his work as a fitness consultant. There is another aspect to Joe’s persona.

He has a deep understanding of the relationship between body, mind and our environment. During our conversation; I became captivated by his ideas of the relationship between physical and mental fitness and an ‘awareness’ of our world. If you watch the video to the end, you will listen to him make the most powerful statement. I have it written in the front of my notebooks.

What is his statement? Watch the video to find out. I should explain the video is about Joe’s work. So if you are looking for a Gym in the Lincoln area, give Joe a call.

Link To – JW Fitness

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