The Lesson Of A Portrait

‘I don’t like having my picture taken.’

This is not a statement for people in the public’s eye. If you are working with the public, remember they are watching your every move. Initial assessments are from two perspectives: Looks and presentation. It is essential to realise the impact of how we are seen by other people. A photograph is expected next to a profile or article; this is the way of social media. Images and video rule.

Those who are reticent to have a picture recorded must realise a portrait is an essential aspect of promotion. Learning a skill, therapy, or gaining a professional qualification is an expensive proposition. There is no point in learning anything if it is not utilised. And, no matter how well qualified the therapist, people have to resonate with the practitioner become becoming a client. A pointer is discovered in the previous paragraph. People perceive personality when they view the looks and presentation of the individual offering the service. We’ve all read or listened to the sentiment ‘A picture tell’s a hundred stories.’ Believe these six words of wisdom imagery is everything.

There are rules to follow: Selfie’s don’t cut the mustard. Get a friend to take thirty or forty images and allow other people to pick the pic. Get used to having your picture taken. After a year, start all over again. The more picture you have, the better. Head and head and shoulder images work best. Keep the pictures up to date; there is little point in having an image which has no semblance of the reality. There is a consensus which suggests; inaccurate representation is detrimental to any form of promotion. Remember, accurate, up to date and reviewed annually.

We promote every one of our community 365 days a year. Everything LizianEvents does is directed at promoting the community. It is possible someone has looked at your profile on this site today. The first few seconds are taken with the image; it is certain the picture encourages the reader to continue with the review. It is of no importance how we think we look and we will not resonate with everyone. A portrait has to represent the individual accurately; photoshop is just dandy for top celebrities, it can be a let down for mere mortals. I recall meeting an international singer after a concert at the N.E.C and close-up, her image was a mirror cracked. Every time I listen to one of her songs, the memory is of her terrible skin. Do not be afraid of who you are; most people applaud honesty.

Schools should have happiness lessons on the curriculum, maybe the idea of a degree in smiling would become the most famous of attainments. ‘When you smile the whole world smile with you.’ This sentiment is engraved on my heart. No matter how goes the day, a smile takes all difficulties away and brings well-being to our lives. When the portrait reflects a genuine smile, everyone knows it, they feel it, understand it, know the inner being of the person. It has to be authentic and smiles change the face, in fact as we laugh the face can be distorted: Does this matter? During a lifetime, when a human projects the truth within their soul, all know it, genuine happiness is like a spring mornings sunbeam. When the golden light streams through the window we are aware the day is going to be great. In the same way, no one will doubt the integrity of a sunbeam smile, not a one.

It is time to move away from the importance of the portrait. Consider: The Full Blown Smile which releases Endorphins and Serotonin into the blood stream. Tons of research confirms that smiling releases natural pain relievers. Serotonin is aligned with feeling good and mental well-being.

A full blown smile releases stress. Those who have uptight faces are simply not using their full blown smile muscles. The more we smile, the better we look, the younger we look, the better we feel, the younger we look. The effects of full blown smiles ensure we look better, feel better, brighter and kinder. Be a ‘smiler’ and life changes, do not doubt the full blown smile.

People who smile are 100 times more attractive than those who grimace. Those who smile are more generous and become more prosperous. The smile has to be genuine, full blown smiles cannot be faked. Just like the portrait which has no resemblance to the reality. Fake people never fulfil their promise, something we all discover during a lifetime.

A full blown smile is contagious; people will want to be in your company. Help others to feel right, and magic happens, blood pressure lowers, the body relaxes, the immune system is stimulated, we feel well, there is a mutual gain. When two people share a full blown smile, the physiological changes in their bodies and mental facilities change their day from storm to calm. Real full blow smiles are the only ones with real benefits. The next time you wonder why life is not going to well or there are few clients on the appointment list, maybe it is time to consider the effects of a full blown smile.

Imagine for a moment the atmosphere in a room full of genuinely happy people. The smile is reciprocal, the well-being effects of the smile are contagious. It is probable that within an hour magic occurs, and three hundred occupants in the room feel so good; they realise there is hope for the world. If three hundred people can feel the potential of true happiness, why not a thousand or a million? A view of life through rose tinted glasses? I’m not so sure; happiness caught through smiling seems to be an attractive proposition.

This writer has no interest in those who doubt the validity of the previous paragraph. A miserable house is full of poor minded people trapped in closed minded thinking. A happy house contains like-minded and open minded thinkers who work in unison to a common purpose; there is no room in my world for those who doubt the potential of a unified objective of success and happiness.

The next time a portrait is considered or asks for: Do not think, ‘I do not like having my picture taken.’ Say to yourself ‘I can show the world what happiness and well-being are all about. I know my smile, my genuine full blown smile, can make a difference to other people.’

One final thought: It is easier to be happy than to be unhappy. Happiness is the result of making and taking the right choices. Unhappiness is a dedication to making and taking the wrong decisions. Each time I see someone who smiles I sense they are taking and making the right decisions. How do we know what is good for us? When you can genuinely give any idea a full blown smile, you can bet your last laugh the choice is right.

When a visitor views a portrait, a genuine, full blown smile will help them to make the right choice. Not only does this apply to photo images; the wisdom applies during daily life. People who understand the ‘full blown smile’ are always more successful, healthier and happy.

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