The Nature of ?

No doubt about it, nature guides an intelligent human. Four seasons, night and day, sun and storm, life and death. The four seasons of man, toil and rest, happiness and argument, birth and the final sleep. The blade of grass, flower, and crops in the field have imperceptible growth. The question all men ask: ‘Where has all the time gone.’ Seconds grow into minutes, to hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, seven or eight pass bye and the final sleep closes the story. The imperceptible passing of life.

A road, used for years, becomes redundant after the bye-pass is laid. Soon, saplings drive through the compacted foundations, and the tarmac or concrete surface is broken to become an oak tree forest. Human life expires the memories lost to all but a few, the story ends.

A mighty oak, a symbol of strength, warships, and invaders cross the oceans made of natures forests. Empires taken, built, and lost with the iron ore turned into steel blades, bullets, and bombs. Earth consumes the warrior’s slain body; years pass by; medals and memories only testaments to the slaughter. Nature returns battlefield scars to her perfection. If nature would think, she must smile at the ignorance of the supreme race, intent on destruction.

Nature will have no concern for ‘Human’ squandering of, and the destruction her harvest. After all, she allows her children: Tsunami, volcano, quake, hurricane, typhoon to play the most destructive games. River banks breached, bridges were broken, silent ships sleeping on ocean floors. Storms followed by sublime calm. Balanced by honey bees pollinating flowers and crops. Trees are turning carbon gas into oxygen. The atmosphere is filtering U.V light. Tides are cleansing the seas. Winds fell dead trees to rot on the woodland floor and provide nourishment for new growth. Rain is dissolving the minerals in the soil to fortify our bodies. The lists of natures silent processes providing the staples of life for every life, endless, beautiful, god.

The human takes and returns nothing. A legal paper supposed title to land which in reality, is rented for life time and lost during the final exhalation. And the blade of grass grows, seasons follow the climates, birds migrate, penguins swim, fish swim, and the weather changes. Human chases the ace which win’s the gamble occasionally; there are millions around the many tables of chance in the casino of life. The house called nature takes the pot every time.

Human claims to value truth and cannot accept reality. His black sheep brother face’s realities; accept’s painful truths and is castigated. Charity boxes feed the child while multinational companies steal the minerals below his feet. The planet gives all is looked after by the few and is raped by those who believe they own its harvest. The planet spins, seasons change, all grows and dies.

The next time you feel uptight. Out of sorts. The world owes you a favor. A friend says ‘No.’ Learn from nature. No matter where you are or where you think you are going the secret is in nature. All that is needed is silence and awareness, a wisdom of reality.

Dr. Erich Fromm writes: – “The first mechanism of escape from freedom I am going to deal with is the tendency to give up the independence of one’s self and to fuse one’s self with somebody or something outside oneself to acquire the strength which the individual self is lacking.”

Fromm was deeply concerned with the way that –  Love: “The only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence” was undermined by an economic system which rewards greed and selfishness.

Reader’s can draw their conclusion as to why Fromm’s two quotes are in the essay. I suggest we consider another of Fromm’s thought’s that each society produces its own character ‘type’ – And today’s characters value, possession and acquisition above all else. The suggestion is, human nature is not fixed or predictable; it is sheep like and continually evolving. The idea offers a seed of possibility a future generation may become characters with environmental priorities.

Whenever there is a feeling of anxiety or helplessness. Learn from nature and instead of fighting against the difficulty or attempting to discover a solution. Do nothing other than following a right and correct path. Allow human to experience their fate. Their episode, mistake, catastrophe, disaster is unique to them; our’s are unique to us. Let memories fly like migrant birds. Disagreement be broken by saplings of new beginnings.

The question all men ask: ‘Where has all the time gone.’ Seconds grow into minutes, to hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, and seven or eight pass bye and the final sleep closes the story. Does human need to understand the nature of life? Or should human realise the life of nature, indicates life is to be lived?

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