Reflection – The Affects of Our Words

Yesterday we attended the yearly Pagan Pride Event in Nottingham. Pagan’s arrive at the city from the world over to congregate and celebrate their belief. From humble beginnings eight years ago, it has turned into a unique meeting of minds. Liz and I do not attend as Pagans; we attend as stallholders selling tumbled stones and incense sticks. The first event we attended (the first) we were one of seven retailers, yesterday the stall holders must number sixty or more. The gathering of like minded people is fascinating to watch. It is apparent Pagan beliefs bind this unique group of individuals together in harmony and peace.

Pagan Pride March
Pagan Pride March

The foundation of this essay comes from a friendly exchange of words between myself and someone I have known for some years: Ashley Mortimer ‘How are you, Ashley?’ ‘Yes, very well thanks’ ‘Maybe see you later?’ ‘Yes, I may return and “under-mine” you.’ ‘You’d have difficulty in undermining me Ashley’ ‘I wouldn’t be at all surprised’ he replied: We laughed for a few seconds and he was gone.

Liz commented after I returned to the stall: ‘Ashley must read the LizianEvents News’ My reply was ‘I don’t know if he does or does not, the reference to “Under-miner” has to be about the post I wrote some time back.’

Last evening I thought about the two-minute dialogue between Ashley and me. At face value, there seems to be nothing of importance. Although it is possible to use few sentences to make a major observation. One not of consequence to Mr Mortimer of course, it is one of interest to our community.

Think about how far these posts go, the next 1250 average readers per week at the LizianEvents News, the connections through our FaceBook page and twitter posts all mean we are being watched. Ashley proved that he acknowledged the “The Under-Miner” in the five or six sentence dialogue. How many other’s will be thinking or will have considered the idea?

There is nothing anyone can do or say which could move me from my path of promoting our community. Nothing will prevent me writing essays such as ‘The Viper’ and ‘Under-Miner’ both received overwhelming support and thanks for visitors and community. It is not possible to prevent me writing 1000 – 4000 words per day in pursuit of the goal. Nothing will stop this relentless march to make people aware of our community.

I do not write these articles for myself or the business LizianEvents. The essays are written for the community. The purpose is to inform our visitors of every facet of our communities work. We can now begin to see changes and significant contributions from our community. This week we have an insightful video interview with Campbell Wallace. A superb insight into Simon Goodfellow and his partner Dave. Simon Harrison is allowing us to reprint his ‘Two Spirits’ Instagram Tarot essays and ideas. The ‘News’ is beginning to move in an extremely positive way.

Jon Sharp
Jon Sharp – A Wizard at Work!

We now begin to see our work have a tangible effect on the financial aspects of a community member: ‘Ian, my turnover is increasing, and my appointment book has never looked this good. I’ve begun to ask “How did you hear about me?” – LizianEvents – is what I’m hearing” Use this in ‘The News’ if you want to.’ I will not comment on this for the moment, there will be a full article about this after the Lincoln Well Being Event. All of us will be interested in the facts and figures of this side effect from our promotional work.

Over the next forty days, we will be re visiting our Exhibitors profiles and connecting to our visitors with email campaigns, the franking machine is charged and ready to go. If you are a community member, be aware of the share and like buttons on the FaceBook pages and click the like’s at the bottom of this page. Twitter, FaceBook, Google. The success of your event is a click away. And if you have a few words to write: Share if your desire is to benefit your business, therapy, product. Share, and you will find more visitor and visitors want to meet you and sample your products.

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