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Mark Duffin
Mark Duffin

We are pleased to welcome the artist Mark Duffin into our community. When we look at an exceptional artistic image, we enter the creative mind and ability of the artist. There is a difference between an excellent reproduction of a subject, which is a picture; and the magic of work which is a real artistic creation. Mark’s work is the latter; it demands you look further into its meaning. Every image has incredible depth, breadth, and intensity. When we purchase a work of art, we take with us an inspiration which continues to captivate for a lifetime of pleasure. Mark’s work is inspired by his childhood memories and a clear love of nature and its mysteries.

Read Mark’s account of his early years in this short introduction.

I was born in 1960 and grew up in Tilehurst which is now a suburb of the town of Reading in Berkshire. The landscape was different during my childhood. Tilehurst was then a small town surrounded by countryside. I remember taking the short walk to the banks of the River Thames and observing the beauty of the area. There is no doubt the imagery of this time portrayed the most English of landscapes.

I have always had a passion for drawing. If an image needed to drawn, any medium would suffice; my images could be found on the walls of my home. It was inevitable my artistic creativity would become a vocation. After leaving school, I was accepted into the Berkshire collage of Art and Design. And after four years of studying graphic design and illustration, a career as a freelance illustrator would follow.

During the early years, the busy work schedule kept me working for design consultancies, advertising agencies, and publishing companies. At this time and due to tight deadlines the medium’s were airbrush and acrylic. In 1996 I realised there were significant changes in the way illustrators would have to work and digital media became the new methodology in commercial work. However painting in oils continues to be my preference for private commissions and paintings.

The work I produce today reflects a fond memory of my formative years. I feel my work conveys a sense of calmness and quiet. The subtle use of colour, a keen eye for detail, and aiming to create the ‘feeling’ which old photos evoke: a vaguely recalled memory of a distant ‘Time and Place.’ As you will see when viewing my work, there is a deep reflection of nature inspired by our beautiful English landscapes.

Marks – Website

Take time to review and admire Marks’ artistic talents. You will find him to be an inspirational artist. Mark will attend the Newark Well Being Event during the weekend of the 16 & 17 September.

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