Many of you will know Erick Henderson as the organiser of the fantastic Mansfield Mind Body and Spirit Event. I have been privileged to know Erick for many years. Liz and I welcome him to The Newark Well Being Show. Erick is a knowledgeable and approachable man, and he will be retailing his Northstar Organite at the Newark Well Being Show.

At the Newark Show, Erick is available to talk about Northstar Orgonite. It is a tool that allows you to discover and explore the multi dimensional reality of subtle energy. Northstar Organite also has practical applications, in the home and work environments. Not only will Erick be looking after his table in the Show Hall. He is giving an excellent and well-respected talk about this specialist product. The differing designs and materials are covered in the talk. Erick will also discuss the history, benefits, and uses of organite. Erick comments: ‘Northstar Orgonite is a tool that allows you to discover and explore the multi dimensional reality of subtle energy and some practical applications.’

The Talk is on Saturday at 2.00pm – Erick Henderson ~ Northstar Organite
‘Orgonite – for healing, pain relief, psychic and spiritual development.’

I should also mention that Erick works with crystals and subtle energy for healing & spiritual development. He offers a choice, or combination of contact and distance healing using Crystal, Reiki, and Orgonite. As a healer, Erick has received many compliments and excellent testimonials for his work. He incorporates elements of meditation, pranic healing, hypnotherapy, and NLP into his sessions. His years of experience and an enviable network of connections must place Erick high in the ranks of the U.K’s most knowledgeable esoteric, healing and teachers.

Erick also facilitates a variety of workshops including: –

Awareness and affirmations classes.
Crystal healing.
Prosperity & manifestation.
Psychic protection.

It is evident from this short introduction, Erick Henderson can help with many areas, whether the questions are spiritual, esoteric, or are ones about healing. You will find he has an expansive and varied catalogue of information, wisdom, and knowledge. Be sure to spend some time with Erick at The Newark Well Being Event.

Erick comments that he is a long time meditator and prays regularly for humility – though probably not hard enough.

Erick’s Website: – )  HERE

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