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Eliza Hodge
Eliza Hodge
Sick Building Syndrome
Eliza Hodge

During 1985 I worked for a company based in St Albans Hertfordshire. Although the work routine was demanding, the rewards were there for all who wished to take the opportunities on offer. The team worked to a common purpose, and there were few disagreements. In fact, we could consider the atmosphere to be unique because of its harmony. I had worked for the company for eighteen months, and due to expansion, a new business premises was secured.

Not long after the move, the atmosphere changed. Nothing had altered, we were the same team, people, objective and workload. However, there were disagreements I had not seen before, staff began to leave, and formally healthy people seemed to be constantly fatigued, and some suffered acute illness. In normal circumstances, a group of eighteen people would expect one or two people to become ill over a year. However, the rate of sickness was alarming, I put the situation down to a run of bad luck, nothing more. One evening I thought about the situation and realised, within one year; out of the eighteen people in our team, only six remained.

We had a visitor from Canada. A level-headed and intelligent person who was respected and could be depended upon to find solutions and face difficult situations head-on. During a conversation, I mentioned the loss of team members and the uncomfortable ‘feelings’ which had manifest in a previously rock-solid group of people. I commented that ‘Things had gotten out of proportion, as a few members of the team had mentioned they had seen someone on the stairs. Most of us laughed it off, however, you could not mistake there was an uneasiness in the building.

My Canadian colleague surprised me with this comment ‘Have you ever heard of sick building syndrome?’ I was genuinely surprised at the explanation which followed. He suggested we were suffering from the phenomena. Explaining that the reason a build becomes ‘sick’ is due to ‘black streams’ of negative energy which can pass through a building. Many people believe the negative energy travelled through conduits such as wiring and plumbing. He suggested sick building syndrome is often associated with hauntings and negative ‘feelings’ within a building. Of course, the company would not accept this as a possible cause of the problems within the organisation. And, with little information available the idea became secondary to my situation.

Many of us understand the feeling when something which is successful, turns around and becomes a struggle. The team were making foolish decisions, and a feeling of helplessness entered my being. I feel sure the influence of the building was the seed of the problem. Incidentally, it was a new building, build on new land, in effect, the land was disturbed because of the building. St Albans had many spiritual connections and had been a place of devotion for centuries.

During this period I moved home, the building had been extensively renovated, and in truth, I never felt comfortable with the property. While living in this house, a long-term illness became manifest, and my marriage collapsed. Within a year of moving in depression entered my life and one morning I woke up with numbness on one side of my body. Many tests later a neurologist suggested TIA, combined with ME. At forty-five years of age, my previous fruitful and busy life had collapsed. The specialists decided there as no more help available and suggested the only option was to accept the situation for what it had become. During one of the lowest moments, I considered taking my life.

During a visit to a friend in Lincolnshire, I had time to reappraise my life. Life is slower, and the separation from my home environment led me to a turning point. One month later Lincolnshire became my new home. I registered with a new doctor and was referred to Boston hospital’s microbiologist Dr Parkin. He encouraged me to realise life must continue and suggested meditation as a way of stilling the mind and calming the body.

Finding information about meditation in the 1980’s was not as easy as today. My quest lead me to a crystal shop. The owner of the shop ran a meditation group every Monday evening and suggested I attended to appraise the techniques and people. In fairness, my background was hard-nosed corporate. Results were the gauge of success, and you had to learn fast or be left behind. And now panic attacks and depression were the measures of failure. With some apprehension and uncertainty, I attended the group. I confess before the first Reiki session I considered the idea of ‘healing’ nothing more than a New Age fiction. Some days later, I decided to make this work my life’s purpose.

I followed the path of many healers. Attainment to Reiki, aromatherapy, various methods of massage, Emotional Freedom Technique, Clinical Hypnotherapy, in all eighteen formal qualifications was attained, and of course ‘Ear Candling’. I now arrived at another crossroads, would I be a therapist, or a therapist/teacher? It is important to have wisdom and knowledge; it is also essential to know how to teach the information correctly. I decided to become a teacher, and after gaining yet another qualification, I was ready to teach the skills and therapies used in my work and daily life. Sometimes in life, a chain of circumstances lead us to a secure life. My courses and application of the lessons learned had returned my health and confidence. As I stood in front of my first group of students, the realisation was I had taken my life back.

A decision to open a therapy centre was taken. Yes, there would be hard work ahead, although this is part of every success story. As my client list grew, the opportunity to listen to a greater number of problems, situation and difficulties provide insights into the causes of problems. We must accept we cannot help everyone every time. One situation which troubled me, was when a client felt a positive and beneficial improvement after treatment, the issue returned after six or seven months.

The problem troubled me, and my intuition guided me to reach further back into a clients timeline and ask questions about their environment and moving to different properties. I began to think about the time in StAlbans and the changes to my life. During conversations with my Canadian colleague. The downward spiral into illness and my move to Lincolnshire. Time and again, my clients whose problems returned indicated their problems began within a year or so of inhabiting a different property.

Over five years ago I decided to research Geopathic Stress. I soon realised my Canadian friend was on the right track. Book after book, hours on the internet and long conversations with Geopathic specialists confirmed the phenomena existed. Months of research set another seed in my mind. I have nearly thirty years of Alternative Healing Experience and have taught hundreds of people in many different therapies. My reputation is respected, as is my knowledge, so, why couldn’t I use this knowledge to help those with the problem?

A process of confirming the presence of, and then dissipating Geopathic Stress seemed to be the way forward. I needed to demystify the understanding of the problem and then provide a method of dealing with the problem. The first stage was to test my property for Geopathic Stress. Using traditional dowsing methods, I isolated small areas which required attention. Differing approaches were used, and within time efficient and permanent solutions were discovered.

I taught clients and friends how to use the methods. The formula and ‘tools’ were tested with excellent results. During a conversation a client mentioned she was having difficulty selling their home ‘It’s a beautiful property Eliza, plenty of people come to view, and we do not even receive offers’. I discussed the idea of Geopathic Stress and gave her a few ‘tools’ to ‘test’ the building and surrounding land. She followed the ‘repair’ exercises and used the methods advocated. Less than a month later the house was sold. She commented ‘The strange thing was, I did not want to sell my home after the ‘healing’. It had never ‘felt right’, and now I was sad to leave.’

The quest to produce a simple and effective kit, which could be used by anyone now became the objective. After two years of testing and refining the concept, it is now ready for sale. It is straightforward and safe to use, a result of five years research and experimentation. Those who have used it have achieved great results.

Anyone who suspects they have unexplained problems with their homes, or ‘feel’ there is ‘something wrong’ with the structure or land. Or can relate to this introduction should consider this kit. Employing a Geopathic Stress Expert is an expensive proposition. The key to my research is this; we know our home and environment, who is better to repair the Geopathic Stress damage? There is, of course, the question of the workplace. I see no reason why the method should not be used to repair Geopathic Stress in this situation; after all, the builders and placement of the building were not done by the inhabitants.

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Eliza Hodge

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