A month before Christmas a box arrived at The Lizian Shop. Although I was expecting it, I should confess to being surprised when I opened the sturdy outer posing carton and looked at the products it protected.

Eliza Hodge had spoken to me earlier in the year about a project she had been working on for some years. She is well known in the holistic world, a practitioner and established teacher of many therapies. Eliza is also known for continuing the work of Jill Fraser, and she still produces ear candles of exceptional quality. It is a fact the candles of outstanding quality have customers all over the World.

So to write I was surprised when I open the box is an indication of my stupidity. I should have anticipated a high quality and well thought out product. And indeed this is precisely what Eliza’s Hodge’s ‘Geopathic Stress Clearance Kit’ is; it is unique, interesting and useful.

Let’s return to June 2017. Eliza talked to me about a product which evolved from the cost of having a building’s harmful geopathic stress dissipated. She wrote an extensive article about this (link at end of article) which received many kind comments. Eliza mentioned that she had been working on a kit which anyone could use and would save a small fortune. I looked into this aspect, and a 600+ cost is to be expected. It should be pointed out that I am not writing the priced charged by geopathic stress specialists is excessive. The implication is many people cannot afford this amount of money. Eliza has created a product which is quite expensive, although, I have no problem in following this statement with another, it is undoubtedly good value for money.

The box contains an extensive selection of tools required to clear the geopathic stress surrounding, or within, a property. You do not have to use them all with every ‘clearing’, and they are not complicated to use. As already mentioned, the items are very best quality, and apart from the consumables, they will last for many years. So, you have the tools, how do you use them? And this aspect is, of course, crucial to the success of the purpose of the kit. It is the accompanying concise and the clearly printed book which makes the concept so easy to use.

I spent a couple of hours reading the instruction book, and the purchaser is guided to follow my lead. Do not do anything before taking in all the information contained in the chapters. Now, you have to remember the kit was sent to me for a review. So, it seemed to me it would need to be put to use, the problem is our home is comfortable and happy. I did not wish to shout out for a volunteer as this would mean me making a commitment which would be difficult to fulfil. Liz suggested we check out the geopathic stress around ‘The Lizian Store’ in Nottingham’s Victoria Market.

Now, I have made the decision not to explain the sequence or methodology when assessing the possible problem of geopathic stress surrounding, or within, property or area. I followed the instructions in the book and discovered potential problems in three areas around the store. One area (the lift shaft) was indicated as a source of a severe issue. The reader should be made aware that we sell crystals, incense and dowsing tools, so there was no surprise to discover inside of the stall was in absolute harmony. Of more interest was the dowsing indicted the harmonious area only extended about a metre outside of the retail space.

I worked through the options and over a period of three days repeated the suggested ‘repair’. Special attention was directed to the ‘lift shaft’ and the surrounding area. On the fourth day, measurements were retaken, and I must confess to being surprised that the ‘readings’ had changed entirely. Considering we had decided to clear the geopathic stress as an experiment and did not think we had a problem the results had to be considered as successful. We now had a problem, even though the dowsing had evidenced a change, what further changes could be acknowledged?

In truth, I did not think too much more about the clearing until a few days had passed.

‘There’s a nice feeling around your store’
‘Is something different? Is it because there are lots of new items’
‘I could stay here all day.’

These comments are not unusual to hear on occasions. However, we were beginning to listen to these comments every day (this has not stopped). Now the second important, and some would comment more significant observation, was that over our Christmas trading month our turnover had doubled. In fact, it was the best trading month on record. And to be clear, this trend has continued.

Coincidence? I’m not so sure. The positive comments are very much part of our daily business life (mind you, our business attitude is relentless). However, the turnover is something which cannot be explained. Apart from ‘clearing’ the area around our store, we had made few changes from the constant attention to detail and dedication to customer relationships.

So, yes, I do feel the ‘Geopathic Stress Clearance Kit’ had a part to play in the changes around the store. And now the important question:

‘Ian, would you buy one?’

And the answer is ‘Yes. I would’. I feel the kit is good value for money and indeed is an option to a visit from a specialist. If you are having difficulty selling a house or your office space seems uncomfortable. There would be no harm in using the kit. Of course, it can be used time and again, so there is a definite saving involved in the fact the more you use it, the better value for money it becomes.

Eliza tells me: ‘I am overwhelmed with the response from everyone that has purchased the kit. I know it works as I have used it over 600 times and wanted to share it with everyone. The price is £225.00, and I offer a discount to Community Members’.

I feel the review will be of interest to people who are involved or who have an interest in this type of ‘Earth Energy’ work. And it accepted there would be people who will knock the idea and attempt to disprove the results. From my perspective, the kit was tested, and I felt there were positive changes in the area where it was used.

Those who have a further interest can contact Eliza using the link at the end of this article. Or even better, you can discuss the ‘Geopathic Stress Clearance Kit’ with Eliza at the Newark Well Being Show 18 – 19 February.

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The link below provides extensive information about Eliza and her work in this area.

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