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Carol Wallace
Chakra Clearing WorkShop

Carol’s workshop is an evolution of twenty years working professionally with crystals. She is an accredited ‘Melody Methodology Practitioner’. You will learn more about this after the video.’

During this two hour workshop, you will find Carol to be an excellent and well-versed teacher. There is no possibility being overwhelmed with unnecessary information. All the attendees require is a notebook and possibly a pendulum.

The student is taken on a journey into the chakras. The first questions: What are they and how do they affect our body and spirit are answered with clarity. From then onward the student is shown how the pendulum is used to isolate each chakra and determine if it is ‘open’ or ‘closed’. Once this is known; the process of clearing and balancing each chakra is learned.

There is a reference to a small choice of crystals relevant to the workshop. Carol has an enviable reputation for her knowledge of crystals and minerals, and it must be remembered the focus is on chakra clearing. Working with, and learning about crystals is a life-long lesson. However, one of the foundations of this work is discovered in this workshop.

Carol comments: ‘It is essential to learn about chakras and the principals of energy centres before we can expect to see excellent results form our crystal work. I listen to many people who ask why their work does not attain consistent results. When I ask “How much chakra work do you do?” and their answer is a questioning look. I know the area they should concentrate upon.’

We must consider Carol’s incredible dedication to her work; it is a rare weekend where she is not working attending venues around the country talking about and selling crystals. Many of us enjoy a visit to the famous Crystal Carol’s Shop in Aston; where we can appraise an incredible choice of crystals and minerals and of course meet Campbell Wallace!

Watch the video, get a feel for the workshop and listen to Carol talk about her work and what the attendees can expect: A link to Carol’s contact page is at the end of the video:

Melody Methodology Practitioner Workshops 

What are These?
Melody is the world famous and respected author of the “Love Is In The Earth” series of books. These cover not only the Metaphysical but also the Mineralogical and Numerological properties of over 1400 crystals/minerals and rocks! With over 25 years of research and experience, Melody complied a series of Methodologies or techniques for healing. She has taught to students all around the world.( Melody loves to travel and have new experiences !!)

Who teaches these workshops?
Melody handpicks certain people to take forward “the good work”. The Practitioner workshops can only be taught by the students who have learned their Level I and Level II Practitioner Level by Melody herself. And whom Melody has then invited to do the Level III Teachership Level. It is only after completing the rigorous and intense training with a written exam that has a minimum pass mark of 95% that these people have become qualified as teachers.

Carol attained her Level I and Level II with Melody in Spain in October 2006 then passed her Teaching Level in Munich in November 2007 (the same day as her 10th Wedding Anniversary!!)

The price of the workshop is £15:00

Carol’s Website

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