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Why would we worry about those who criticise our methodology? The first consideration would be a weakness of confidence. To be confident about something there has to be a freedom for doubt. The foundation of doubt is lack of preparation. We can be prepared for the worse or be prepared to fulfil the objective. If we become ready for the worse outcome, we have already anticipated there is a possibility of a problem. It seems to me the best method to fulfil any objective is to embellish the process. We meet this criterion, thereforethere is no lack of confidence.

Become immersed in every second of the pleasure of working with something enjoyed or loved. Is how real success is enjoyed. And we should consider one good relationship is not the same as ‘another’ good relationship. Each relationship is unique and grows within its parameters. We understand this wisdom and accept uniqueness.

Accepting uniqueness is the way we view those who criticise our processes. Processes? Yes, everything has a process, from relationship to business, there is a process involved. Sometimes the process works, and at other times it fails. The key is to know what is failing and what works. To do this, we require emotional intelligence, not emotive viewpoints.

The potent decision maker knows if someone copies what he does it does not indicate his method is useful or will work. In fact, a wise decision maker will NEVER copy a new idea or concept, if his original design is working well. To do this, is certain, in the longterm, too caught disaster. It is like the speck of dust in the clockwork watch; the new idea stops the mechanism from functioning. Yes, the watch may have been a little slow or fast, however, by opening it up, the speck of dust changed the whole of the process, and it will stop.

Criticism is like the speck of dust; it may take us away from the objective and draw our attention to something which does not matter. However, there is a significant difference between a criticism and drawing attention to something which is detrimental or wrong. For example – Keith correctly drew our attention to the poor choice of banner colours. He did not criticise us; he made an accurate and intelligent observation. We agreed with him and immediately made the change.

I will not return to the ‘exhibitor children’ policy, although I know for certain it is used by some people as an example that we are ‘not spiritual’ or ‘have no understanding of what the shows are all about’. Be assured; we will not change any policy which is welcomed by the majority of our Community.

We do not give concessions to charity stands. Our opinion is, we freely give to the charities we feel are within our compassionate spectrum. Concessionary positions have to be paid for by the Community as a whole, and therefore our choice is not to give concessions. It does not make us mean or selfish people. It demonstrates we have the integrity to be truthful and care for the whole picture, not just an individuals perspective.

I recently spoke to a friend who criticised me because I had banned organisers from visiting OUR events. She had been informed by an organiser we had ‘Banned’ them from attending. This information is far from the truth; we did indeed send out an email asking organiser not to attend our shows because Community members had indicated they found this distracting. In fact, no replies to the emails indicated there could not have been an issue with the request.  I mention this because in this article I am addressing observations which may affect our reputation.

We also have to consider if the critic is qualified to make the observation? Specifically, is someone qualified to question our ethos? From my perspective, I always ask why would someone makes a specific comment. I have no problem at all with standing my corner and qualifying my choices and decisions. The evidence of this is the article you are reading at this moment. An example of our commitment to clarity is in this situation:  –

Every week receive requests to become part of our Community, and some will ask ‘Where do you advertise?’ We answer ‘not in newspapers. Our focus is on awareness, social media, poster and leaflet distribution’. When we ask ‘What are you prepared to do for us?’ The phone is silent, and another question follows ‘What is your footfall?’ and we are honest about the figures. At this marker, the caller has to make a choice and 25% make their excuses and leave. That is fine; we understand the reasons for their decision. Have I lost the thread? No, the thread is, there are those who criticise Liz and me for our methodology because their perspective is different from our own. How can anyone be qualified to criticise if they are closed-minded?

And truth to tell, our Community know the ethos of LizianEvents. If you come on board, you have to become part of the WHOLE process. To my mind criticism has to be from an entirely informed perspective, if it not, then the critic is not qualified to comment. The ethos and simple rules of our Community are in the Exhibitor information page on our website. There is little point in criticising anything which the Community fully understands. When a comment opposes the foundation of our ethos, it is of no consequence to us. People must accept we work within parameters accepted by our Community.

A fact of life is rules free the majority of the demands of the minority.
Those who wish to change our rules will not blend within our Community.
Any who choose to wait until the harvest is ready before sowing the seed will be out of luck.
The point is to be part of LizianEvents it is essential to becoming part of its future. When this is understood, we all thrive.

Liz and I are committed to LizianEvents; you must review this statement again: Liz and I are committed to LizianEvents. We do not consider LizianEvents as our own because it is nothing without the Community which is its bones and blood.

Those who criticise LizianEvents do not damage our confidence or determination. They cast a shadow upon those who have the vision of the future and are prepared to invest in that future. The Community will reap an incredible harvest for their faith in their Events. The critic is chaff to the wind and has no consequence to the harvests we sow today.

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