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We have achieved excellent and climbing viewing figure for The LizianEvents News and have now integrated Classified Ads and Forum pages to the ‘News’. We considered one last addition to our plan for this year it was a ‘Network’ Page. I reviewed the concept carefully and decided against going ahead. I talk to many visitors and Community Members about the ideas for our ‘News’, and this idea is often mentioned, so I feel it is important to point out the reasons for not doing so.

The first consideration is organisations such as the HealerNetwork have an incredible infrastructure of thousands of connections. We can list our events on their site without cost, although there is a fair exchange for their listing. We attach their banner to our website with a link. I see this as an excellent arrangement. There are many other listing sites, and in fairness, my work is to promote and heighten the awareness of LizianEvents and our Community; not build an exchange network.

A second consideration is I do not want us to be seen as ‘email database collectors’. Goodness knows enough people are trawling for your information on the internet; we will never fish for emails. If you look at our Classified and Forum, you will see there is no need to register to comment or list. There is a facility for an advertiser to register so they can look after their listings. Although it is made clear this is not necessary, in fact, I do not encourage the lister to register.

An ‘Open’ forum is considered by many to be a dangerous idea. They believe it leaves the forum open to vile and malicious comments. Of course, they are correct, although from my perspective I would rather trust to our community to be sensible about what is posted. I do have the facility to remove, block and report for spam, anyone who becomes obnoxious. It is early days, and the Forum will take many weeks of nurturing before it gains momentum.

Those of you who look at the Forum and wish to comment will be asked for their email. The email is not harvested for our use; the email is required to verify the post. And to some degree, the email requirement ensures the integrity of the contribution. I repeat LizianEvents News does not trawl for emails or contact details. The Classified or Forum pages are solely for the benefit of our visitors and Community.

Anyone who uses these two assets can be sure they are safe and secure. Our choice is not to turn our sites into internet trawling nets – It is our choice to TRUST people not to abuse the tools we provide for them to prosper.

A short article today. Tomorrow (Sunday 8 October) I am at Erik Henderson’s Mansfield Mind Body and Spirit Show; I’ll have my recorder with me so expect an interesting interview next week.

Mansfield M.B.S
John Fretwell Centre
Sookholm Rd
NG19 9LL

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