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Inner Strength

A potential Community member asked for clarification

‘I have read the exhibitor information with care. Could you clarify the trading aspect of your manifesto?’

Before answering the applicant’s question, there is need to clarify the wording of the question. When we drew up the original guidelines, there were fourteen clauses. Two more were added later. The two additional provisions were added after consulting members of the Community. It is essential for applicants to realise ‘LizianEvents’ do not make the rules. The Community endorses and enforces the rules. If there were to be a dispute, the rules would be used to settle the conflict of interests. One common problem is that people do not spend the ten minutes needed to read the sixteen clauses. Our website is copy and paste enabled, so it is no problem to keep the rules on the phone, or computer. Furthermore, if there were to be a change or addition to the rules, the Community will be consulted. If the Community members fail to open their bulletin, then they will not get a say in future changes.

For me to clarify the trading aspect of our rules we need to look at the relevant clause: –

16) At the time of booking a retailer is asked to define their products and services. Please do not put yourself into a situation where we ask you to remove unlisted goods or services.  For examples: A therapist is not a retailer, an author is not a reader, a reader is not a retailer. Of course, an exhibitor can retail their branded products.  Save yourself and us the embarrassment. Email us for further clarification if there is any doubt to this clause.

To define this; our Community accepts there is a no crossover of goods policy. The fact this is recognized by the Community is evident when myself or a visitor walks the floor of the show. There are occasions when a Community members sell their own produced or manufactured product. And of course, it is acceptable for them to sell something which will be unique and possess its own identity.

There is a further explanation on the website: –

The explanation for clause16)

LizianEvents stand prices are extremely competitive. It was the escalation of stand prices and falling of footfall which meant exhibitors looked to expand their range of goods. Crossover of products diluted all exhibitors possibility of profit. This became a never-ending downward spiral and left many exhibitors without profit. After consulting exhibitors, the consensus is; with a healthy balance of clearly defined stands, the visitors receive a far superior and prestigious experience.

The potential Community member has done her homework. She was satisfied with the clarification and followed with another, and to my mind, more important question ‘Do you have any say in how the exhibitor sells his products?

I understood the question. However, I needed to be certain the right answer was being given ‘Are you asking me if LizianEvents interfere with, or determine how a Community member sells his services or products?’ Her reply was ‘Yes, this is what I’m asking’.

Before I answer the question I refer to the rule fourteen which states: –

14) LizianEvents has an entirely unbiased ethos and will not discriminate on any level.

14a) LizianEvents accepts no responsibility for disputes between exhibitor and client(s).  LizianEvents does not take responsibility for verbal, physical or any other form of contact between an exhibitor and client/public. LizianEvents are not qualified mediators and therefore cannot give judgment over disputes.

14b) LizianEvents decisions on Terms and Conditions or any aspect of the organisation of events are final.

The potential attendee asked an important question and even though I feel clause fourteen is clear enough. It does not expose our viewpoint, which is this: We would not prevent a Community member from conducting their business in their chosen modus operandi. To do this would mean we have then taken responsibility for ALL Community members methods of trading. And this has many implications; it could be argued, if we were to prevent someone from ‘up-selling’ then we are condoning all other methods of sales. Do not underestimate this aspect of why we will not intervene in the Community member – visitor relationship.

The fact is this: Our reputation is made or lost in every transaction we make, it does not matter if it is financial, intellectual, emotional or spiritual interaction or negotiation. In the long run, those who decide to ‘up-sell’ or not interact in a fair or ethical way with their clients or customers will fall by the wayside. I am pleased to write, all, and I mean all of our Community not only meet our visitor’s expectations. They exceed them in every way – Liz and I thank you all for your dedication to our work and future.

This article is going out early today because Liz has a significant announcement to make on the eve of our Nottingham Event. It will concern every one of our Community and the many who are about to join in with our success and future.

See You Soon

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