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In this earlier Article, we informed the Community and Visitors of an intention to put together a special show at The Lincoln Epic Centre.

I believe this is the most important post I will ever make. And this news is only possible because of the time and investments of our Community have made in their shows. This article could NOT be written without the Communities faith and trust in our objectives – Thank You.

The first Lincoln Well Being Show was carefully set out with only the left-hand side of the venue used. The food and reception area were deliberately placed in front of the main entry doors. Those of you who know the venue will recall, to the right the second hall was unused. Some of you now know this was a ‘practice set up’ and we are delighted how the layout worked in line with the future plans.

In the earlier article, we inform readers of the intention to organise an event which embellishes both ‘Spirit’ and ‘Body’. Today, on the eve of our Nottingham Well Being Show. I can confirm the contracts with Lincolnshire Show Ground are signed and agreed as far ahead as 2020. I will also comment the management and staff are as enthusiastic about the new event as myself and Ian. There is no doubt it will become recognised as a premier Well Being Show. And we have almost unlimited space in the future to expand as further plans come into place. I remind you there is no intention to be seen as ‘the best’ – The intention is to be recognised as Community Driven and our visitors will be left in no doubt of the ethos and foundation of the Community-Driven Shows.

I will keep this article short, as we have a great weekend ahead of us, the focus is on Nottingham Show. However, the Community and visitors may be interested in what is planned and how the Lincolnshire Well Being Show will operate. I repeat the two Lincolnshire Shows are scheduled and will take place. It is Ian’s and myself’s intention to make the two events Premier Shows. They will complement Newark and Nottingham to create a perfect 2018 year of Well Being experiences.

The 2018 dates for Lincoln will be: –

2nd and 3rd June 2018
3rd and 4th November 2018

The Show will be named: –

Lincolnshire Well Being Show

The two halls of the Lincolnshire Show Ground – Epic Centre will be home to two aspects of Well Being: –

Hall One will be home to: ‘Well Being – Spirit’

The focus in this hall will be our present Community members and their work, which is, of course, the care and Well Being of The Spirit. All of our Community have worked with attention and enthusiasm over the last six months. The support and interaction is nothing short of spectacular, and all of us can be pleased with what we have achieved. There is no way we will change the format or ethos of our Shows.

The Community has created is a very special environment, how do we know this? Because others are copying our ideas and methods. There can be no better testimonial.

Hall Two will be home to: ‘Well Being – Body’

The focus in Hall Two will be Well Being of the Body. We have already approached potential new Community members. The response is encouraging, and we expect Hall Two to be fully booked well before the show. The Community Members in Hall Two will be Yoga, food, cosmetics, health and fitness; we are not limited in depth and breadth of the genre of the new Community Members stalls.

I have chosen to take all six of the talk rooms. And with a combination of six talks or workshops in each room each day there is be possible seventy-two presentations over each weekend. The potential to attract visitors is incredible. Ian and I look forward to the whole of our 2018 calendar, it is an exciting prospect and will encompass new and innovative concepts. Our Community has gained a phenomenal reputation for integrity, honesty and quality. Their endeavours and dedication to our visitors will attract the new visitors required to make our shows a magnificent success. I will not expand any further with our plans, there is plenty of time until 2018, and you will already have seen we have driven many changes and this will not stop. In certainty, you will find Ian and me to be relentless in the pursuit of achieving the objective of providing the Community with a platform where they can prosper. There is no doubt the Community will fill the venue to capacity, with one hundred and thirty stands and a maximum of seventy – two talks this show will attract visitors from all over the U.K. It is certain that your investment and dedication will be rewarded in 2018.

Thank You – Liz Clark


  1. Onwards and upwards Liz I’m sure this venture will prove the success that the community are creating show by show well done both of you x

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